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Adam-12 Log 35 -- Easy Bare Rider (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed pull over a man for drunk driving who turns out to be completely nude; the partners investigate a mysterious boy with big spending habits.
Night Gallery The Doll of Death (TV-PG) A spurned plantation owner uses the power of voodoo to avenge himself against a romantic rival.
Ironside A Bullet for Mark (TV-PG) Mark is shot by an unknown assassin whom the team believes was out to kill Chief Ironside but missed the mark, but the truth soon comes to light.
Route 66 A Bridge Across Five Days (TV-PG) Tod and Buz help a female out in Catonsville, Maryland, who recently got fired after 18 years of work at a hospital, to adjust to the world of unemployment.
Adam-12 Log 45 -- Bright Boy (TV-PG) A boy with photographic memory helps the officers locate a ring of burglars; Malloy and Reed receive a call about two men shooting at a box of dynamite.
Night Gallery Hatred Unto Death; How to Cure the Common Vampire (TV-PG) An anthropologist responds in kind to a gorilla's hatred; a story about vampire hunters.
Ironside Love My Enemy (TV-PG) Ironside takes a trip to France acting as security for a conference between American and Chinese diplomats, but someone is determined to stop the talks.
Route 66 Mon Petit Chou (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Pittsburgh to work on a tugboat when Tod rescues a girl who was water skiing through the shipping lanes and wants to learn more about her.
Adam-12 Log 55 -- Missing Child (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to save a cat and birds from an elderly woman; a young girl helps the police officers find a missing girl with a band-aid on her leg.
Night Gallery There Aren't Any More MacBanes (TV-PG) A sorcery student uses an ancient spirit to get rid of a bothersome uncle, with unforeseen consequences.
Ironside Seeing Is Believing (TV-PG) A lowlife bookie is beaten and Ed is accused of the crime; the team must discover who the killer is since Ed cannot provide an alibi.
Route 66 Some of the People, Some of the Time (TV-PG) Tod and Buz meet a beauty contest promoter in Pennsylvania and quickly agree to begin working for him in order to meet all of the contestants.
Adam-12 Log 105 -- Elegy for a Pig (TV-PG) Officer Malloy recollects memories of his former partner who was killed on duty and recalls the early days of his relationship with Officer Reed.
Night Gallery Die Now, Pay Later; Dead Weight (TV-PG) When an undertaker has a clearance sale on both coffins and funerals, a local sheriff begins to suspect that the rising death rate and the sale may be linked.
Ironside The Machismo Bag (TV-PG) Mark discovers that a local college is the location of a group of freedom fighters with a roomful of weapons, and the Chief must decide how dangerous they are.
Route 66 The Thin White Line (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Philadelphia to work as construction workers when they attend a party where Tod mistakenly drinks a beer laced with a chemical compound.
Adam-12 Log 135 -- Arson (TV-PG) When a series of fires begins to break loose in the Rampart district of Los Angeles, Malloy and Reed are placed on the case, and they hunt down the arsonist.
Night Gallery Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay (TV-PG) A college professor suspects his visiting aunt is an ancient witch, and believes that she has plans on inhabiting his wife's body.
Ironside Programmed for Danger (TV-PG) Women fitting a similar profile are attacked by a dating agency connection; Eve goes undercover as a potential future victim to find the man responsible.
Route 66 And the Cat Jumped Over the Moon (TV-PG) Tod and Buz look to find a gang leader in Philadelphia, who was competing against one of Buz's old friends who was killed during their contest.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Terror on Dinosaur Island (TV-PG) A crash landing on an uncharted island finds Nelson and Sharkey in a prehistoric nightmare populated by dinosaurs and struggling to survive until rescued.
Night Gallery The Phantom Farmhouse (TV-PG) A psychiatrist finds himself falling for a mysterious woman after one of his patients is savagely murdered in the forest near his office.
Night Gallery The Devil Is Not Mocked; Stop Killing Me (TV-PG) Nazi general seeks resistance fighters and gets a surprisingly warm welcome at the Balkan castle.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Consider Her Ways (TV-PG) After a doctor has consumed an experimental drug, he sees a vision of a future run by women, then tries to stop the vision from becoming a reality.
The Saint The Art Collectors (TV-PG) Simon Templar encounters a group of people, who have become obsessed with chasing after three lost paintings created by Leonardo Da Vinci.
Naked City Take and Put (TV-PG) After discovering that they have exhausted all of their financial resources, a wealthy couple makes a secretive deal with their maid.
Route 66 Burning for Burning (TV-PG) Tod and Buz work as handymen at a chicken ranch in Pennsylvania when the widow's daughter-in-law arrives from overseas bearing the widow's grandson.
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Adam-12 Log 85 -- Sign of the Twins (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to catch an elderly astrologer who is on a crime spree; the partners try to help a woman whose son is addicted to drugs.
Night Gallery Midnight Never Ends; Phantom of What Opera? (TV-PG) A female motorist picks up a hitchhiking Marine and the two share an uncanny feeling that they have been reliving the same situation.
Ironside Five Miles High (TV-PG) Ironside is tasked with taking a witness on a flight from Hawaii to San Francisco, but soon discovers that one of the other passengers is a hired assassin.
Route 66 To Walk with the Serpent (TV-PG) Tod and Buz are recruited by a Neo-Nazi leader when they are checking out patriotic sites in Boston, but the FBI jumps in to advise Tod to be a spy for them.
Adam-12 Log 115 -- Gang War (TV-PG) When a gang rivalry begins to turn violent, a Mexican-American priest goes to the Los Angeles Police Department, and Reed and Malloy are put on the case.
Night Gallery Brenda (TV-PG) While vacationing on an island, a lonely, young girl traps and befriends a strange creature at an abandoned quarry.
Ironside L'Chayim (TV-PG) A Torah is stolen from a Synagogue and Ironside takes on the case to find out if it was an act of vandalism or the work of thieves.
Route 66 A Long Piece of Mischief (TV-PG) Tod and Buz join on with a traveling rodeo in Texas when they notice the rodeo clown is being picked on by the other cowboys and decide to help.
Adam-12 Log 155 -- I.A.D. (TV-PG) When a police officer is accused for blackmail, Malloy tries to help the officer and goes on a search for a woman who has information that can clear his name.
Night Gallery Tell David ...; A Midnight Visit to the Neighborhood Blood Bank (TV-PG) A woman believes that her encounter with a strange couple is a vision of the future; a vampire is interested in opening an account at a blood bank.
Ironside Beyond a Shadow (TV-PG) One of Ironside's friend is accused of murdering her husband, and he is determined to get to the bottom of the case no matter what he discovers.
Route 66 1800 Days to Justice (TV-PG) Tod and Buz are called in to pass judgment at a courthouse, where Tod is assigned to be part of the defense after a man takes over his hometown in Texas.
Adam-12 Log 36 -- Jimmy Eisley's Dealing Smack (TV-PG) Reed and Malloy offer their protection to a desperate young woman; the officers lead a police raid at the apartment of a popular dope dealer.
Night Gallery The Tune in Dan's Cafe; Marmalade Wine (TV-PG) A couple discovers a roadside diner with a strange juke box that only plays a single song; an arrogant blowhard exaggerates his photographic achievements.
Ironside Stolen on Demand (TV-PG) Mark discovers his friend is in a gang and tries to persuade him to leave it before the police get to him, but the boy's employers are not happy with the idea.
Route 66 A City of Wheels (TV-PG) Tod and Buz begin working at a hospital in Long Beach, where they meet a paraplegic who is bitter since his wife left him but a nurse there has fallen for him.
Adam-12 Log 76 -- Militants (TV-PG) Members of a gang set a trap on the police and end up murdering two cops, and the situation gets worse when Reed discovers that he knows one of the criminals.
Night Gallery Lindemann's Catch (TV-PG) After catching a mermaid, a cold-hearted sea captain falls in love and attempts to find a way to keep the mermaid alive.
Ironside Dora (TV-PG) A protection racket tries to force a fruit seller into letting them invest in her business by showing her altered photographs of her lawyer son.
Route 66 How Much a Pound is Albatross (TV-PG) Tod and Buz meet a young woman in Tucson, Arizona, who is trying to overcome losing her parents, brother and sister out at sea, as Buz begins falling for her.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Killers of the Deep (TV-PG) An unknown submarine shoots down the Flying Sub while Nelson and Crane are investigating the disappearance of defense missiles from their underwater silos.
Night Gallery The Ghost of Sorworth Place (TV-PG) An American tourist and drifter is drawn to a mansion in Scotland, where he discovers a widow who is being tormented by the specter of her dead husband.
Night Gallery The Miracle at Camafeo (TV-PG) A man stages a recovery from paralysis at a Mexican shrine in order to swindle an insurance company.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Crimson Witness (TV-PG) A man's hatred towards his brother escalates into something more sinister and violent after the brother steals his job, wife and girlfriend.
The Saint To Kill a Saint (TV-PG) Simon becomes the target of an assassin, so the agent attempts to find out who has ordered the contract on him before it is too late.
Naked City The Tragic Success of Alfred Tiloff (TV-PG) After begging his estranged wife for one final chance, a continual loser helps her plan the kidnapping of a wealthy stranger's little daughter.
Route 66 Aren't You Surprised to See Me? (TV-PG) Buz is kidnapped in Dallas by a religious advocate and threatens to kill him unless the whole city will obey the Ten Commandments for an entire day.
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