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Get Smart 99 Loses CONTROL (TV-G) Convinced that she has no future at CONTROL, 99 accepts a proposal from a wealthy suitor, but Smart soon discovers the deadly truth about her new fiancé.
Get Smart The Wax Max (TV-G) Smart and 99 uncover a secret KAOS operation while spending a day off at an amusement park.
Sledge Hammer! To Sledge, With Love (TV-PG)
Sledge Hammer! All Shook Up (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show The New Look (TV-G) Emily decides to redecorate the apartment and incorporates antiques into her interior design, but Bob gets annoyed with the new look.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Room at the Bottom (TV-PG) Thalia convinces Dobie's parents to send him to a prestigious prep school where he can meet sons of wealthy bankers, and Dobie would do anything for Thalia.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Second Verdict (TV-PG) A lawyer gets a man acquitted from a murder charge, but then, he learns that he was actually guilty and fears that he may kill again.
Kojak Justice Deferred (TV-PG) An 18-year-old murder case is reopened after human remains are recovered from a demolition site, prompting Kojak's renewed search for the perpetrator.
Banacek Rocket to Oblivion (TV-PG) After a brief power failure strikes at a crowded trade show, the attendees are stunned to discover that a valuable prototype engine has been stolen.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Isabel (TV-PG) A man gets out of prison and returns to his hometown, where he marries the woman who sent him to prison, and begins planning his revenge.
Kojak Both Sides of The Law (TV-PG) Kojak must compete with a world-famous criminologist to find five missing and priceless Rembrandt drawings.
Banacek Fly Me If You Can Find Me (TV-PG) After a jetliner is forced to make an emergency landing at a remote runway, the plane is stolen from the airstrip despite reports that it was damaged.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Body in the Barn (TV-PG) An old lady turns on her partner and gets the police to track down her shy comrade, sparking a death sentence, along with a suicide note.
Kojak Birthday Party (TV-PG) The associates of a man convicted and sentenced to prison for murdering a police officer abduct Kojak's niece in exchange for the prisoner's release.
Banacek Now You See Me, Now You Don't (TV-PG) Shortly after a stage magician is accused of grand larceny, he mysteriously and permanently disappears during one of his performances.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Return of Verge Likens (TV-PG) A farmer takes on a job at a local barbershop in an attempt to get his revenge on the crooked politician who murdered his beloved father.
Kojak A Summer Madness (TV-PG) A detective claims to know nothing about a Manhattan restaurant bombing, but Kojak becomes suspicious when he learns of the officer's extramarital affair.
Banacek Let's Hear It for a Living Legend (TV-PG) The owner of a professional football team calls in Banacek to investigate the disappearance of on of his star players, who vanished during a live game.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Change of Address (TV-PG) A man rents a beach house despite his wife's objections, and then he makes the decision to kill her when she won't cooperate with his plans.
Kojak Law Dance (TV-PG) A murder suspect arranges to have a new trial date set, but the key witness slated to testify against him is conveniently murdered.
Banacek Project Phoenix (TV-PG) After a valuable, experimental vehicle is stolen from the train that was transporting it, the insurance company has no idea how it disappeared without a trace.
Land of the Giants Underground (TV-PG) The little people and a giant professor try to prevent the totalitarian giant leaders from accessing information that could cripple the pro-democracy movement.
Time Tunnel The Day the Sky Fell In (TV-PG) The scientists arrive in Honolulu just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and one of the men must try and save his father who was killed during the attack.
Lost in Space One of Our Dogs Is Missing (TV-PG) After finding and taking in a 20-year-old dog on a suspended animation test ship, the Robinsons' food is taken off of their ship at night.
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Get Smart Operation Ridiculous (TV-G) Smart and 99 welcome a magazine writer to CONTROL headquarters, unaware that his assistant is a KAOS agent intent on humiliating their organization.
Get Smart Spy, Spy, Birdie (TV-G) A man invents a noiseless explosive in order to achieve his dream of worldwide silence.
Sledge Hammer! Over My Dead Bodyguard (TV-PG)
Sledge Hammer! Magnum Farce (TV-PG) When cops turned vigilantes are on the loose in the city, it is up to Sledge to infiltrate their organization by pretending to share their ideas.
The Bob Newhart Show Emily Hits the Ceiling (TV-G) Bob and Emily are asked to fill the positions of counselors after a group of Emily's friends decide to start their own summer camp.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis The Big Sandwich (TV-PG) Thalia gets Dobie to sell sandwiches at the school picnic after he first tells her he has to look after his parents' grocery store.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Water's Edge (TV-PG) After finishing his prison sentence, an ex-convict makes an attempt to locate the loot from the burglary his previous cellmate metioned to him.
Kojak Out of the Shadows (TV-PG) A graffiti artist pretends to be responsible for the murders of six merchants, rumored to be killed because they somehow slighted the culprit financially.
Columbo Suitable for Framing (TV-PG) Alerted that his wealthy uncle will not make him the beneficiary of his valuable art collection, the nephew elects to kill him and blame it on art thieves.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Life Work of Juan Diaz (TV-PG) A woman takes her husband's mummified body from a graveyard worker and winds up using it to bring money into the household for her children.
Kojak A Need To Know (TV-PG) Kojak encounters a child molester who was released from jail due to a government policy and works to prevent him from potentially harming someone else.
Columbo Lady in Waiting (TV-PG) A woman decides to murder her brother after his numerous attempts to control her life.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour See the Monkey Dance (TV-PG) After a bizarre encounter on the train, a mysterious, limping stranger follows a man to his home and frightens him into plotting his wife's untimely death.
Kojak An Unfair Trade (TV-PG) After the brutal shooting of a Puerto Rican youth by the police, many people in the community are angered and demand answers from law enforcement.
Columbo Murder by the Book (TV-PG) A mystery writer schemes against his ex-writing partner with a "perfect" murder plan.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Lonely Place (TV-PG) A woman takes pity on a passing hobo, but his behavior becomes more and more threatening toward her, and her husband won't do anything about it.
Kojak A Hair-Trigger Away (TV-PG) A police officer's drug-addicted girlfriend is suspected of accidentally killing his partner while a drug bust was taking place.
Columbo Death Lends a Hand (TV-PG) A cheating wife is murdered when she refuses to be blackmailed, and Columbo tracks her killer.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The McGregor Affair (TV-PG) Completely frustrated with his current situation, a man decides to get rid of his lazy, alcoholic wife by leaving her on a murderer's doorstep.
Kojak By Silence Betrayed (TV-PG) A longshoreman is killed at the docks after a disagreement with unscrupulous members of the labor union, but the other workers refuse to help Kojak's case.
Columbo Dead Weight (TV-PG) Columbo faces difficulty in making a case against charismatic Major General Martin Hollister, with no body and no murder witness.
Land of the Giants Terror-Go-Round (TV-PG) Barry and Fitzhugh are captured by a giant gypsy child, and the rest of the crew gets caught as well while trying to free Barry and Fitz.
Time Tunnel The Last Patrol (TV-PG) The travelers are taken prisoner by the British military when they are transported to Louisiana during the War of 1812 and must help a general redeem himself.
Lost in Space Attack of the Monster Plants (TV-PG) The family discovers an alien plant that can duplicate whatever it eats, and Dr. Smith decides to feed it the ship's fuel in hopes of doubling their supply.
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