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Night Gallery Finnegan's Flight (TV-PG) An inmate desperate for freedom agrees to his cellmate's experiments in mind over matter.
Night Gallery She'll Be Company For You (TV-PG) A widower finds that his deceased wife's cat is keeping a watchful eye on him.
Ironside Buddy, Can You Spare a Life?, Part 2 (TV-PG) Chief Ironside presses on with his case examination and attempts to get an unwilling mother to admit to her part in the crime for which another was arrested.
Route 66 The Clover Throne (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Indigo, California, to help a date rancher who is trying to keep the state from building a new road through his property.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Night of Terror (TV-PG) Dr. Sprague, Nelson and Sharkey, carried off course in the diving bell, are affected by a hallucinogenic gas and washed up on a very real prehistoric island.
Night Gallery The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes (TV-PG) The new heavyweight champion finds that there is one more bout he must face before claiming his title.
Night Gallery Death on a Barge (TV-14) A dockside merchant falls in love with a wraith-like young woman despite his friends' warnings.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Monkey's Paw - A Retelling (TV-PG) A man and his wife go to the Bahamas, where they plan to see their son race, but a gypsy woman's gift turns the vacation into a nightmare.
The Saint The Double Take (TV-PG) A businessman claims that a look-a-like is determined to ruin his career as well as his personal life, which leads to him requesting the help of Simon.
Naked City New York to L.A. (TV-PG) Flint and another detective venture to Los Angeles, where they take custody of two brothers who ware wanted for murder in New York City.
Route 66 Sleep on Four Pillows (TV-PG) While Tod is taking a computer class at UCLA, Buz decides to sell cosmetics and help out a girl in danger, who claims that the mafia is after her father.
Night Gallery Whisper (TV-PG) A young wife finds herself in thrall to strange and insistent voices while staying in a remote country house.
Night Gallery The Doll of Death (TV-PG) A spurned plantation owner uses the power of voodoo to avenge himself against a romantic rival.
Ironside The Countdown (TV-PG) A man attaches an explosive belt to a scientist and offers to trade his life for the release of inmates, so Ironside must find the man before the bomb explodes.
Route 66 Fly Away Home, Part 1 (TV-PG) Tod and Buz travel to Phoenix, Arizona, where they looked to be employed at a crop dusting business but are forced to calm down a combat-scarred pilot.
Night Gallery Hatred Unto Death; How to Cure the Common Vampire (TV-PG) An anthropologist responds in kind to a gorilla's hatred; a story about vampire hunters.
Night Gallery I Do Not Belong to the Human World (TV-PG) A POW being tortured in a Viet Cong prison camp gives out a psychic cry to be rescued and Rhodes answers.
Ironside The Deadly Gamesmen (TV-PG) A series of well-orchestrated crimes gives Ironside the suspicion that some high-class citizens have turned San Francisco into a giant chess-like game of crime.
Route 66 Fly Away Home, Part 2 (TV-PG) Tod tests his luck with the crop dusting business by flying with a jinxed pilot, but they wind up saving the business when they accept a dangerous assignment.
« A Dream for Christmas (TV-PG, NR, **+) In 1950 a preacher moves from Arkansas to Los Angeles to pastor a struggling church that is facing eviction and his family prays for a Christmas miracle.
The Loretta Young Show 3 & 2 Please (TV-G) A nun becomes the nurse for a grumpy elderly man and a young boy who laments over the fact that he doesn't have enough money to buy a bike for Christmas.
Route 66 An Absence of Tears (TV-PG) Tod is having trouble with his computing class but joins Buz to help a beautiful woman who is looking for the men who killed her husband despite being blind.
Night Gallery The Messiah on Mott Street (TV-PG) After being taught about the coming of the Messiah by his dying grandfather, a young boy attempts to locate the miracle-worker and save his grandfather.
Night Gallery Silent Snow, Secret Snow; Hell's Bells (TV-PG) A young boy finds himself being drawn into a fantasy world of snow; a man finds himself in Hell after dying in an automobile accident.
Ironside Who'll Cry for My Baby? (TV-PG) Chief Ironside meets a man who can't find any peace after his daughter was murdered, so Ironside sets out to see if justice might bring the man closure.
Route 66 Like a Motherless Child (TV-PG) Tod and Buzz are driving in Nevada when they meet a hitchhiking orphan and offer him a ride, but when the two begin to argue, Buz goes out on his own.
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Night Gallery The Heart That Wouldn't Stay Buried (TV-PG) A neurosurgeon whose health has been declining begins to have visions of himself dying from the very same illness that claimed his son.
Night Gallery Lady, Lady, Take My Life (TV-PG) Rhodes leads an investigation into the mysterious death of a research official who opposed physic experiments being performed by his staff scientists.
Ironside Cold, Hard Cash (TV-PG) Ed goes undercover to try and foil a kidnapping plot, but he ends up fighting for his life when a gang member will stop at nothing to kill the victim.
Route 66 Effigy in Snow (TV-PG) Tod and Buz are hired to work at a ski lodge in California and not that long into their new profession is the body of a female skier found murdered.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Terrible Toys (TV-PG) An old sailor with a bagful of destructive toys is rescued at sea while Seaview is on a mission to find a possible UFO that has crashed into the Indian Ocean.
Night Gallery The House That Cried Murder (TV-PG) A girl has visions of two people drowning, one of an unknown woman drowning in a bathtub and a second of herself trapped in a car at the bottom of a lake.
Night Gallery The Man Who Died at Three and Nine (TV-PG) A powerful psychic force attacks a diplomat and forces him to have visions of a woman drowning and suffer from several lapses in memory.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Second Wife (TV-PG) A new bride worries when her husband begins to act peculiarly, and after she hears what happened to his previous wife, she wonders if she's going to be next.
The Saint The Time to Die (TV-PG) Simon has to watch his own back while he is investigating a murder and going after the killer, who happens to be a man on a mission.
Naked City A Kettle of Precious Fish Seven influential executives attempt to hold a business conference, but they are captured by a mob of gangsters who demand ransom for their safe return.
Route 66 Eleven, the Hard Way (TV-PG) Tod and Buz decide to help two men from a small town in Nevada, who are heading to Reno in hopes of winning enough money to save their town.
Night Gallery Can a Dead Man Strike From the Grave? (TV-PG) A man continually sees a vision of the murder of a couple in love, perpetrated by a man that has long been dead.
Night Gallery With This Ring, I Thee Kill! (TV-PG) Rhodes takes care of one last favor for a dying friend by looking into the man that his daughter will be marrying despite only knowing him for a month.
Ironside Shadow Soldiers (TV-PG) Ed witnesses an assassination while in London with Ironside, which makes him the killer's next target, so the two must help local forces find the assassin.
Route 66 Most Vanquished, Most Victorious (TV-PG) Tod and Buz travel to Los Angeles after Tod received a letter from his aunt, who is on her deathbed and gives the two her final request of finding her daughter.
Night Gallery Witch, Witch, Burning Bright (TV-PG) A mother becomes convinced that her daughter has taken it upon herself to seek out revenge for an ancestor murdered under the auspice of being a witch.
Night Gallery Eye of the Haunted (TV-PG) The love of a man's life is murdered, and a shadow, sitar music and a staring eye are all apparitions that are connected with her killing.
Ironside Ollinger's Last Case (TV-PG) Ed encounters resistance from the inhabitants of a town as he investigates the disappearance of a former colleague.
Route 66 Do Not Count the Stars (TV-PG) Tod and Buz begin their employment with aerospace jobs in San Diego, where the two save a drunken man from drowning and decide to help out his daughter.
Night Gallery Echo Of a Distant Scream (TV-PG) A woman staying on a guest ranch sees visions of a terrifying, white, ghostly horse rearing up in front of her, and she is haunted by the sightings.
Night Gallery Whisper of Evil (TV-PG) A man is visited by a woman who is terrified of an image of her recently deceased husband, whom she believes she accidentally killed; the man comes to her aid.
Ironside A Special Person (TV-PG) While the Chief and Ed are at a party, the host is shot and killed, prompting them to quickly uncover the assailant before he strikes again.
Route 66 The Newborn (TV-PG) Tod and Buz become disgusted with their employer in New Mexico as he continues to gain custody of his dead son's baby, despite the wishes of the child's mother.
« McMillan & Wife: Murder by the Barrel (TV-PG, NR, **+) Sally becomes terrified when they start moving into their new house when she discovers a dead body in one of the barrels that the movers delivered.
Night Gallery The Hand of Borgus Weems (TV-PG) When a man discovers that his hand has been possessed by a presence with a murderous intent, he seeks the help of a surgeon.
Night Gallery The Housekeeper (TV-PG) A number of haunting works of art are examined as introductions to tales that cover subjects of macabre fantasy and horror stories.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour A Piece of the Action (TV-PG) A man decides to give up poker, but a final game against his brother to pay back his friends earns his friends' mistrust.
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