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The Mary Tyler Moore Show You Try To Be a Nice Guy (TV-G) Mary learns that a girl she once shared a prison cell with is about to be released, and she tries to help the girl with finding a job.
Taxi Louie Bumps into an Old Lady (TV-PG) Louie has an accident when he hits an old lady with his cab, and he is sued by her for a million dollars, but Alex recognizes her as an ambulance chaser.
Get Smart The Not-So-Great Escape (Part 2) (TV-G) The Chief suspects a mole when all of his efforts to escape from a KAOS POW camp in New Jersey are foiled.
Sledge Hammer! Hammer Gets Nailed (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Caged Fury (TV-G) The Hartleys enter a storage locker and get stuck inside, and they try to escape in hopes of being able to attend a Fourth of July celebration.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis The Bitter Feud of Dobie and Maynard (TV-G) Maynard convinces himself he's a bad influence on Dobie and is preventing Dobie from pursuing his dreams, so he antagonizes Dobie into ending their friendship.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Ten Minutes from Now (TV-PG) An ostensibly insane performer is suspected of calling in the bomb threats at an art museum that have horrified a local official, but another plot is afoot.
Mannix License to Kill - Limit Three People (TV-PG) A man is accused to committing three brutal murders; Mannix is hired by a close associate of the suspect, asking Mannix to prove the mans innocence.
Ironside Force of Arms (TV-PG) An organization is created to stop crime in San Francisco through the use of vigilante force, but soon the group finds that one of its key members is murdered.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Sign of Satan (TV-PG) While filming a horror picture, the lead actor fears that a group of real-life devil worshippers may actually be out for his life.
Mannix A Choice of Victims (TV-PG) A wealthy businessman is murdered in Hollywood and it is believed that his wife, a performer, may have been the intended victim at a charity show.
Ironside Memory of an Ice Cream Stick (TV-PG) Mark is unable to accept that his childhood friend is the prime suspect in a homicide investigation, but Ironside tries to convince him of the man's guilt.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Who Needs an Enemy (TV-PG) A man robs his partner for years, but the partner finally discovers his actions and threatens to go to the police unless things can be returned.
Mannix The Survivor Who Wasn't (TV-PG) A plane crash survivor undergoes plastic surgery but his wife doesn't recognize him, and second guesses her husbands identity; Mannix investigates.
Ironside To Kill a Cop (TV-PG) When two of Ed's colleagues are murdered, Ed remembers a man who threatened them when he was arrested, so Ed tries to catch the main by using himself as bait.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Bed of Roses (TV-PG) A man is shocked to discover that his wife has a taste for murder after he learns that his mistress is no longer living, leading down a path of blackmail.
Mannix You Can Get Killed Out There (TV-PG) Mannix decides to quit Intertect after Wickersham agrees to take on a case involving a suspected crime boss; Mannix takes on the case from another angle.
Ironside The Lonely Hostage (TV-PG) A policeman shoots one of his fellow officers and then takes the Chief and Mark as his hostages, and Ironside must get the man's wife to help them survive.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Second Verdict (TV-PG) A lawyer gets a man acquitted from a murder charge, but then, he learns that he was actually guilty and fears that he may kill again.
Mannix Another Final Exit (TV-PG) A down-on-his-luck man is married to the sister of a mobster, who is about to finally get parole; Bernie finds that a box that was entrusted to him is empty.
Ironside The Challenge (TV-PG) A psychiatrist who was a friend of Ironside's is killed, and the only clues about the identity of the murderer are found in the psychiatrist's art collection.
Land of the Giants Sabotage (TV-PG) Two giant policemen plan to frame the humans for a bombing in order to discredit pro-Earth supporter, Senator Obek, and boost their own political influence.
Time Tunnel (TV-PG) Scientists working on a top-secret government time travel program are accidentally lost in their own experiment and find themselves bouncing through time.
Lost in Space Blast Off into Space (TV-PG) John becomes convinced that the planet is about to disintegrate and makes preparations to leave; Dr. Smith and Will meet the man responsible.
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The Mary Tyler Moore Show You Can't Lose 'em All (TV-G) After having spent most of his career ridiculing the Albert Mason Award, Lou is shocked to learn that he is in line for this year's nomination.
Taxi Bobby and the Critic (TV-PG) Bobby takes it upon himself to stand up to a pretentious theater critic after reading another nasty review of a local play by writing a letter to him.
Get Smart Ironhand (TV-G) Smart and 99 undertake an intricate operation involving a baby buggy to keep the plans for the anti-anti-anti-missile missile away from KAOS.
Sledge Hammer! They Shoot Hammers, Don't They? (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Still Crazy After All These Years (TV-G) While the Hartleys are away on a vacation, Howard enters a psychological program, and after completing it, his personality is drastically changed.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis I Was a High School Scrooge (TV-PG) Dobie, Maynard and Zelda are working for the school newspaper and their first assignment is an interview with a former Central High football star.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Isabel (TV-PG) A man gets out of prison and returns to his hometown, where he marries the woman who sent him to prison, and begins planning his revenge.
Mannix Eight to Five, It's a Miracle (TV-PG) Mannix is hired to investigate a supposed miracle that took place and a mobsters property; Mannix is attacked and he starts to doubt the miracles legitimacy.
Ironside All in a Day's Work (TV-PG) Eve shoots an armed robber in response to his attempt on her life, but when she finds out it was a young man, she begins to doubt her abilities.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Body in the Barn (TV-PG) An old lady turns on her partner and gets the police to track down her shy comrade, sparking a death sentence, along with a suicide note.
Mannix Delayed Action (TV-PG) A severely injured man shows up to a hospital emergency room, asking for Mannix, but the detective does not recognize the man; connected to old case.
Ironside Something for Nothing (TV-PG) Ironside must depend upon an unlucky gambler to help him get a conviction in the case of a notorious local mobster, even though the gambler owes the mob money.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Return of Verge Likens (TV-PG) A farmer takes on a job at a local barbershop in an attempt to get his revenge on the crooked politician who murdered his beloved father.
Mannix To Kill a Writer (TV-PG) A novelist, known for writing mystery novels based are real life crimes, finds a strange note in his home, which appears to have been written by himself.
Ironside Barbara Who (TV-PG) One of the nurses who helped Ironside recover from his gunshot wound comes to him for help when someone tries to kill her, but her amnesia makes the case tough.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Change of Address (TV-PG) A man rents a beach house despite his wife's objections, and then he makes the decision to kill her when she won't cooperate with his plans.
Mannix The Girl in the Frame (TV-PG) A wealthy art collector is stunned when he meets a woman with a strong resemblance to the model seen in a painting that he owns; he wishes to speak with her.
Ironside Perfect Crime (TV-PG) After a lecture at a college the Chief discovers that one of the students is planning "the perfect crime," and he soon finds that he's trying to stop a genius.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Water's Edge (TV-PG) After finishing his prison sentence, an ex-convict makes an attempt to locate the loot from the burglary his previous cellmate metioned to him.
Mannix The Silent Cry (TV-PG) Mannix finally quits the agency to make it on his own as a detective; he encounters a deaf woman who witnesses a crime being planned by lip-reading.
Ironside Officer Bobby (TV-PG) An abandoned baby turns up in the Chief's van after an explosion at the airport, and the Chief thinks that the baby and the explosion were somehow connected.
Land of the Giants Rescue (TV-PG) While chasing the humans, two giant kids fall down and get trapped in a well; Dan and Steve volunteer their services to help rescue the children.
Time Tunnel Billy the Kid (TV-PG) Doug shoots the outlaw Billy the Kid during a jailbreak, but Billy survives and chases after Doug and Tony with the intention of killing the time travelers.
Lost in Space Wild Adventure (TV-PG) When the Robinsons try one more time to head for Alpha Centauri, Dr. Smith sabotages the ship again, this time by dumping the ship's fuel into space.
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