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Get Smart The Farkas Fracas (TV-G) 99 receives a poisoned dessert from her neighbor, who is actually a KAOS agent sent to steal document from the Chief.
Get Smart Temporarily Out of CONTROL (TV-G) When Smart is called back to the Navy, he and the Chief find themselves in the brig while KAOS plots to take over CONTROL.
The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, Inc. (TV-G) To con Norton out of $20, Ralph convinces him to purchase a percentage of himself, but news Ralph might inherit a fortune causes Norton to demand his share.
The Honeymooners Young at Heart (TV-G) Their new teenage neighbors make Alice feel old and she insists they try energetic activities, but dancing and roller skating are a bit strenuous for Ralph.
Car 54, Where Are You? Gypsy Curse (TV-PG) The boys are told to shut down a local gypsy, who has been ripping off original artists, but when they do so the gypsy puts a curse on Toody.
Car 54, Where Are You? Thirty Days' Notice (TV-PG) Gunther and Lucille Toddy give their landlord a notice that they are tired of all the issues with their crumbling apartment and are considering relocating.
Naked City Debt of Honor (TV-PG) A man, who owes his life to an Italian man, marries the man's daughter so that she can enter the U.S., but she learns upon arrival that he is in big trouble.
Peter Gunn Scuba (TV-PG) An insurance company hires Gunn to investigate a string of riverside robberies that could cause the company to lose money because of insurance claims.
Mr. Lucky Election Bet (TV-G)
Route 66 Sleep on Four Pillows (TV-PG) While Tod is taking a computer class at UCLA, Buz decides to sell cosmetics and help out a girl in danger, who claims that the mafia is after her father.
« The Untouchables Mr. Moon (TV-PG) An arts and antiques dealer from San Francisco manages to hijack a large supply of special paper that is used to print U.S. currency.
Night Gallery (TV-PG) A number of haunting works of art are examined as introductions to tales that cover subjects of macabre fantasy and horror stories.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Behind the Locked Door (TV-PG) Thinking he is a gold digger, a mother is suspicious of her son-in-law and threatens to disown her daughter if they do not get the marriage annulled.
Thriller The Specialists (TV-PG) An innocent woman becomes entangled with an international gang of jewel thieves, and a squad of special detectives tries to protect her as they nab the crooks.
« The Untouchables Death for Sale (TV-PG) A gangster who has been on his own since the third grade is the current owner of several prominent waterfront locations.
Night Gallery (TV-PG) A number of haunting works of art are examined as introductions to tales that cover subjects of macabre fantasy and horror stories.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour A Matter of Murder (TV-PG) A thief steals a vehicle with some unexpected cargo inside, and when he finds out, he tries to get rid of it before the police find him.
Thriller Twisted Image (TV-PG) A wealthy advertising executive finds himself being stalked simultaneously by a young woman and a disturbed mailroom clerk who is jealous of his success.
« The Untouchables Stranglehold (TV-PG) Eliot Ness is determined to bring down a New York mobster who has been using methods of intimidation and violence to take over the city's fishing industry.
Night Gallery The Hand of Borgus Weems (TV-PG) When a man discovers that his hand has been possessed by a presence with a murderous intent, he seeks the help of a surgeon.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Gentleman Caller (TV-PG) A couple stash their money in an old woman's high-rise apartment and try to commit her, but she quickly turns the tables on the husband-and-wife duo.
Thriller Child's Play (TV-PG) A neglected child at a summer cabin with his bickering parents amuses himself by fantasizing about tracking down an imaginary highwayman.
« The Untouchables The Nero Rankin Story (TV-PG) Despite managing to destroy the Underground Court, the Untouchables have yet to make an impact against the mob's national syndicate.
Night Gallery The Boy Who Predicted Earthquakes (TV-PG) A highly successful seer suddenly refuses to give any more predictions and will not say why.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Ordeal of Mrs. Snow (TV-PG) A concerned man plots against his wife's wealthy aunt in an effort to protect himself from her undesired exposure of his true identity.
Thriller Worse Than Murder (TV-PG) A wealthy uncle dies, and his niece is horrified to find that her late husband's mother will inherit all his money, but she tries to blackmail the woman.
« The Untouchables The Seventh Vote (TV-PG) After being imprisoned for evading his federal tax obligations, Al Capone leaves his criminal operations in Chicago in the hands of a council.
Night Gallery A Death in the Family (TV-PG) After taking refuge in a funeral home, a wounded killer meets a mysterious undertaker who is hiding an unusual secret.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Ten Minutes from Now (TV-PG) An ostensibly insane performer is suspected of calling in the bomb threats at an art museum that have horrified a local official, but another plot is afoot.
Thriller Mark of the Hand (TV-PG) A police detective finds an 8-year-old girl holding a pistol over a man who has been shot in the back, and the only eyewitness swears it was an accident.
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Get Smart Schwartz's Island (TV-G) The Smarts' honeymoon comes to an abrupt end when their cruise ship blows up and they drift to an island controlled by Siegfried.
Get Smart One Nation Invisible (TV-G) Smart is caught in a compromising situation when an invisible scientist he is escorting turns out to be a beautiful woman.
The Honeymooners A Dog's Life (TV-G) Alice is dog-sitting for a neighbor, when an oblivious Ralph finds an unfamiliar bowl of tasty food he believes is Alice's recipe and decides to market it.
The Honeymooners Here Comes the Bride (TV-G) Ralph takes it upon himself to advise a lodge brother about ruling the roost when Alice's sister marries him, causing the unhappy bride to move in with them.
Car 54, Where Are You? Catch Me on the Paar Show (TV-PG) Gunther runs into Hugh Downs during a traffic stop; Gunther finagles an appearance on the "Jack Paar" show where he discusses a fellow funny officer.
Car 54, Where Are You? The Taming of Lucille (TV-PG) Toody feels that Lucille is being too domineering, so he muster up the courage to attempt to be the king of the castle after seeing "The Taming of the Shrew."
Naked City The Human Trap (TV-PG) A woman accidentally kills a playboy after finding out that he is dating her daughter, and she persuades the girl to go along with a fake story.
Peter Gunn Edie Finds a Corpse (TV-PG) Edie's hardnosed landlord threatens to evict her from her apartment after she unexpectedly discovers a dead man's body lying in her shower.
Mr. Lucky The Magnificent Bribe (TV-G)
Route 66 An Absence of Tears (TV-PG) Tod is having trouble with his computing class but joins Buz to help a beautiful woman who is looking for the men who killed her husband despite being blind.
« The Untouchables The King of Champagne (TV-PG) A bottle manufacturer teams up with a bootleg liquor distributor to start an illegal liquor operation, and he recruits his penny-pinching uncle.
Night Gallery Class of '99; Satisfaction Guaranteed (TV-PG) A future graduating class takes a revealing final exam; an employment agency tries to fill a position for a very particular client.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Who Needs an Enemy (TV-PG) A man robs his partner for years, but the partner finally discovers his actions and threatens to go to the police unless things can be returned.
Thriller The Guilty Men (TV-PG) A man with a heart condition who runs a crime syndicate considers his legacy and decides to try to steer his organization toward legitimacy.
« The Untouchables The Nick Acropolis Story (TV-PG) The leader of a successful numbers racket in the greater Chicago area discovers that his wife's brother has been skimming money from his profits.
Night Gallery Since Aunt Ada Came to Stay (TV-PG) A college professor suspects his visiting aunt is an ancient witch, and believes that she has plans on inhabiting his wife's body.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Bed of Roses (TV-PG) A man is shocked to discover that his wife has a taste for murder after he learns that his mistress is no longer living, leading down a path of blackmail.
Thriller The Purple Room (TV-PG) A man inherits a decrepit house from his brother on the condition that he must spend one entire night in it, or it will go to his cousin.
« The Untouchables The 90-Proof Dame (TV-PG) A burlesque theatre operator decides to get into the lucrative business of brandy production, using a French label to pass his product off as a famous cognac.
Night Gallery The Flip-Side of Satan (TV-PG) A disc jockey finds himself being offered up as a sacrifice at a deserted radio station.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Second Verdict (TV-PG) A lawyer gets a man acquitted from a murder charge, but then, he learns that he was actually guilty and fears that he may kill again.
Thriller The Watcher (TV-PG) In a small resort community, a pious schoolteacher sets out to prevent his handsome young neighbor from being corrupted by the temptations of the flesh.
« The Untouchables The Troubleshooter (TV-PG) The criminal syndicates are upset after a popular street game that they control is being targeted by Eliot Ness and his Untouchables.
Night Gallery A Fear of Spiders; Junior; An Act of Chivalry (TV-PG) A phobic gourmet columnist seeks help from a woman; a father's midnight feeding; a lesson in elevator manners.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Isabel (TV-PG) A man gets out of prison and returns to his hometown, where he marries the woman who sent him to prison, and begins planning his revenge.
Thriller Girl with a Secret (TV-PG) A newlywed accidentally learns that her new husband is a secret agent and struggles to keep from compromising his mission as people ask questions.
« The Untouchables Power Play (TV-PG) Authorities appoint a former lawyer to the newly created post of Crime Commissioner, but the man is involved in a syndicate of his own.
Night Gallery Silent Snow, Secret Snow; Hell's Bells (TV-PG) A young boy finds himself being drawn into a fantasy world of snow; a man finds himself in Hell after dying in an automobile accident.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Body in the Barn (TV-PG) An old lady turns on her partner and gets the police to track down her shy comrade, sparking a death sentence, along with a suicide note.
Thriller The Prediction (TV-PG) A phony psychic with a nightclub act is suddenly gifted with the power to really see the future, but no one close to him takes his predictions seriously.
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