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The Rockford Files Where's Houston? (TV-PG) Rocky asks Jim to find a friend's kidnapped daughter, but when Jim cannot find her, Rocky's friend is killed; Jim learns that both crimes involve real estate.
Kojak The Best War in Town (TV-PG) A rookie officer inadvertently incites a violent clash among warring mobsters when he prevents a group of gangsters from murdering their target.
McCloud Give My Regrets to Broadway (TV-PG) Detective McCloud investigates the untimely death of a cohort, which leads him to the seemingly crooked business practices of a Broadway producer.
The Rockford Files Foul on the First Play (TV-PG) Jim Rockford's parole officer, who is also a con artist, tips him off about corruption in the bid for a professional basketball team.
Kojak Cross Your Heart and Hope to Die (TV-PG) A mentally depressed woman witnesses the murder of her date by the hands of her neighbor, who has feelings for her.
McCloud The New Mexican Connection (TV-PG) The police department faces an ugly public backlash after a local TV commentator refers to their stake-outs as vigilante work during a damaging expose.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Human Computer (TV-PG) An enemy agent manages to get onboard Seaview and switch top secret tapes, planning to operate the submarine by computer only, but Crane is in the way.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Fiddlesticks Affair (TV-PG) A casino owner who is working for THRUSH keeps the organization's money in a vault underneath his business; Solo and Illya devise a plan to get at the cash.
Car 54, Where Are You? Here Comes Charlie (TV-PG) The officers of the 53rd precinct puts a lot of effort into both rehabilitating and employing a recovering alcoholic named Charlie.
Car 54, Where Are You? See You at the Bar Mitzvah (TV-G) Muldoon and Toody assure Joel Pokrass that he will have guests at his Bar Mitzvah even though his father is a notoriously cruel landlord.
Get Smart Someone Down Here Hates Me (TV-G) In order to eliminate Smart for good, KAOS puts a price on his head and announces that its annual party will be cancelled if he isn't killed soon.
The Phil Silvers Show AWOL (TV-G) Bilko is sent to retrieve a Hungarian private who left the camp without permission and finds himself in the middle of a heated family dispute.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Yellow Scarf Affair (TV-PG) When an UNCLE agent dies in an airline crash in India, Solo races with THRUSH operative Tom Simpson to recover UNCLE's new, top-secret polygraph device.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans (TV-PG) After she has just witnessed a violent murder, an innocent school girl finds herself becoming the perpetrators' next target, leading to a nightmarish chase.
The Rockford Files A Bad Deal in the Valley (TV-PG) Rockford has dinner with someone from his past who convinces him to transport some escrow papers, resulting in his arrest.
Kojak The Betrayal (TV-PG) A police informant secretly manipulates his contacts at the police department to help him move up the ranks of a criminal organization.
Columbo Publish or Perish (TV-PG) When an author of erotic novels tells his publisher that he plans to go to somebody else, his publisher is enraged that he then threatens to kill him.
The Rockford Files The Fourth Man (TV-PG) A flight attendant calls Rockford after she is threatened by a hostile passenger when she called him by name and joked about his frequent flights.
Kojak Loser Takes All (TV-PG) In order to continue her forbidden love affair, a woman knowingly plans to have her husband killed during a diamond heist.
Columbo Mind Over Mayhem (TV-PG) The director of a government institute that only employs scientific geniuses is informed that a colleague knows his son plagiarized a dead mans theory.
The Rockford Files The Oracle Wore a Cashmere Suit (TV-PG) A psychic who is helping the police points to Rockford as a person of interest in a missing persons case; bugs, a wreck and poison oak are used to ensnare him.
Kojak Close Cover before Killing (TV-PG) After a building was set on fire in order to cover up a murder, Kojak investigates the homicide to catch the murderer before he strikes again.
Columbo Playback (TV-PG) An electronics expert finds out that his mother in law, who runs the firm where he works, is blackmailing him to that he'll resign, and has her killed.
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The Rockford Files The Family Hour (TV-PG) Jim Rockford and Rocky will have to assist a child who was abandoned by her father, as they dodge a ruthless gang of drug dealers.
Kojak Acts of Desperate Men (TV-PG) Kojak works overtime to track down a crazed former soldier and an accountant with a lackluster existence, a duo that has teamed up for a citywide killing spree.
Columbo Deadly State of Mind (TV-PG) A psychiatrist, who specializes in hypnosis, murders his mistress' husband and puts her under his spell so that she'll lie to the police and cover for him.
The Rockford Files Feeding Frenzy (TV-PG) Rockford wants to help a fishing buddy return stolen money to the company that once employed him, but a kidnapping complicates matters.
Kojak Queen of the Gypsies (TV-PG) After witnessing a bank robbery, a gypsy fortune teller decides on a career change and recruits the thieves into her new master plan.
Columbo A Case of Immunity (TV-PG) The Saurian King's first secretary is given diplomatic immunity when he commits the act of murder, and a student demonstration gets in Columbos way.
Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea The Saboteur (TV-PG) Sleep-deprivation administered by enemy agents, who kidnapped Captain Crane, succeeds in brainwashing the Captain into betraying both friend and country.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Mad, Mad Tea Party Affair (TV-PG) Just before a big conference at UNCLE headquarters, Solo and Illya learn that one of their own is working for THRUSH and has booby-trapped the conference room.
Car 54, Where Are You? I've Been Here Before (TV-G) A crew of criminals gets advice for their illegal activities by watching "Crime Busters," Officer Toody's favorite television program.
Car 54, Where Are You? Lucille is 40 (TV-G) Toody wants the right sized wig for his wife as a birthday present so he gets help from Sylvia, but consequently Lucille thinks he is being unfaithful.
Get Smart Cutback at CONTROL (TV-G) Some CONTROL agents start collaborating with KAOS when it appears that the Senate is about to shut their operation down for good.
The Phil Silvers Show The Boxer (TV-G) Bilko tries to convince a former boxing champion to fight again so that he can place bets on the outcome of the match, but the man's girlfriend won't allow it.
The Man from U.N.C.L.E. The Secret Sceptre Affair (TV-PG) Solo agrees to steal a scepter from the dictatorial government of his ex-boss' home country and learns later that the boss' motives are less than pure.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Dark Pool (TV-PG) A woman blackmails a mother distraught over the drowning death of her child, but the mother wonders if she really is who she claims to be.
The Rockford Files Drought at Indianhead River (TV-PG) Much to his surprise, Rockford discovers that his friend, Angel, has made a fortune in real estate but is also being threatened by the mob.
Kojak Night of the Piraeus (TV-PG) The murder of a newly-arrived sailor on a ship from Greece raises suspicion when the witness seems unconcerned, Kojak believes smuggling may have taken place.
Columbo A Matter of Honor (TV-PG) Detective Columbo investigates a case in which a famous but egotistical bullfighters trusted bookkeeper is found dead in the bullring.
The Rockford Files Coulter City Wildcat (TV-PG) Jim Rockford will join his beloved father on a trip to Coulter City, intending to find out the truth about an oil investment scheme.
Kojak Elegy in an Asphalt Graveyard (TV-PG) Kojak investigates the death of a former escort found dead in her home, seeking information from her relatives and customers to determine if she was murdered.
Columbo Fade in to Murder (TV-PG) A soap opera actor kills his former lover, who also happens to be his producer, after she blackmails him and makes it look like her husband did it.
The Rockford Files So Help Me God (TV-PG) A grand jury believes that Rockford is withholding testimony about the kidnapping of a labor union boss, resulting in jail time for the detective.
Kojak The Good Luck Bomber (TV-PG) Kojak attempts to stop an unidentified crazed individual who, with no clear motive, is armed with explosives that are unable to be disengaged.
Columbo Old Fashioned Murder (TV-PG) A disagreement between siblings over how to handle the family business, a museum, leads to a murder when one intends to sell the museum.
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