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Land of the Giants Shell Game (TV-PG) The humans are captured by a giant deaf boy and his family, and they strike a bargain saying they will make the boy a hearing aid in exchange for their freedom.
Time Tunnel Chase Through Time (TV-PG) Doug and Tony chase a Tic-Toc technician through time after they learn he is a spy who sabotaged the Time Tunnel and hid a nuclear bomb in the Tic-Toc complex.
Lost in Space Forbidden World (TV-PG) The Robinsons land on a foggy planet that has only two inhabitants, a hermit and his large bird; Dr. Smith drinks something that may cause him to explode.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Anyone Who Hates Kids and Dogs (TV-G) Mary is enthusiastic about her budding relationship with a new love interest but has a difficult time dealing with his twelve-year-old son.
Taxi On the Job, Part 1 (TV-PG) When the cabbies are temporarily laid off, they have to seek new jobs and meet at Mario's bar a month later to discuss some of their memories and new jobs.
Get Smart The Treasure of C. Errol Madre (TV-G) Smart is put on the trail of a hidden treasure in Mexico after KAOS seizes CONTROL's payroll, putting the organization into a serious financial bind.
Sledge Hammer! All Shook Up (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show The Slammer (TV-G) Emily is relieved when Peeper makes an unexpected visit; Bob desperately wants to attend the Loyola versus Marquette basketball game.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Baby Shoes (TV-PG) Dobie and Maynard receive their enlistment papers for the U.S. Army and former sergeant Mr. Gillis teaches them important lessons about the service.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Final Performance (TV-PG) A television writer attempts to provide a way of escape for a frightened woman who wants nothing to do with the former vaudeville actor wanting to marry her.
Mannix Fear I to Fall (TV-PG) Mannix is brought to a small town in New Mexico under false pretenses, where he is then served a subpoena and must testify as an expert witness for a trial.
Ironside Price Tag...Death (TV-PG) The Chief becomes aware of a homeless person's murder, and through the course of the investigation, learns that a proud ex-cop may be the prime suspect.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Thanatos Palace Hotel (TV-PG) A man joins a suicide club at a local hotel, but he unexpectedly winds up falling in love with one of the other members, potentially giving them reason to live.
Mannix Death Run (TV-PG) The owner of a jewelry shop is murdered; when he arrives at the crime scene, Mannix runs into an old friend from his days in the Korean War.
Ironside An Obvious Case of Guilt (TV-PG) The Chief doubts that an accused woman killed her husband because the evidence is so blatantly obvious that he instead thinks she is being framed.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour One of the Family (TV-PG) A couple hires a nurse to take care of their child, but the mother believes that the nurse may be wanted for a child killing, causing her to grow anxious.
Mannix A Pittance of Faith (TV-PG) A woman is attacked in her apartment and thrown out her balcony to her death; the police conclude that it is a suicide thanks to a forged suicide note.
Ironside Reprise (TV-PG) Eve is seriously injured during a shooting and the Chief doubts if her joining the force was the right decision; Ed debates what to do with her attacker.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour An Unlocked Window (TV-PG) A nurse taking care of an invalid in an old manor grows paranoid after hearing a nurse killer is on the loose, and her coworker begins to act strangely.
Mannix Only Giants Can Play (TV-PG) A professional tennis player attempts to blackmail a candidate for governor and is later found dead in a remote area; his widow hires Mannix to investigate.
Ironside The Macabre Mr. Micawber (TV-PG) A servant is under suspicion for the murder of his wealthy employer, but things change when a chatty Mynah bird shows up with the missing puzzle piece.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Trap (TV-PG) An angry woman decides to finally take matters into her own hands when her lover doesn't murder her husband, but her actions lead to unintended consequences.
Mannix Shadow of a Man (TV-PG) Mannix escapes being shot by a businessman who appears to be a solid citizen; the attacker claims he has been having flashbacks of the Korean War.
Ironside Side Pocket (TV-PG) A pool hustler is coerced into a contract with a crooked promoter to help his brother with the large debts he has incurred, but it quickly becomes dangerous.
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Land of the Giants The Chase (TV-PG) Inspector Kobick captures the humans and forces them to help SID catch a group of rebels; the humans trick Kobick and help the rebels instead.
Time Tunnel The Death Merchant (TV-PG) When Doug and Tony are transported onto a battlefield during the American Civil War, an explosion instantly separates the two and leaves Tony with amnesia.
Lost in Space Space Circus (TV-PG) The leader of a space circus wants to add Will to his traveling troupe, and he promises Dr. Smith a seat on their spaceship if he'll help convince the boy.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary Moves Out (TV-G) Upon growing tired of living in a boring apartment without any bedrooms, Mary decides to make a change by moving to a new apartment.
Taxi On the Job, Part 2 (TV-PG) A month after the cabbies at the garage are temporarily laid off, they meet at Mario's Bar to discuss what they had been up in with their new jobs.
Get Smart Smart Fell on Alabama (TV-G) Smart must recruit and train three hardened criminals to break into a heavily-fortified house where a secret KAOS code book is stored.
Sledge Hammer! Over My Dead Bodyguard (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Here's to You, Mrs. Robinson (TV-G) After returning home from Europe, Jerry becomes obsessed with finding his birth parents; Howard begins practicing a new instrument.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis I Didn't Raise My Boy to Be a Soldier, Sailor, or Marine (TV-PG) Dobie and Maynard join the army but Maynard misses the bus to the Army center, so Chatsworth takes his place while he tries to get to the center in time.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Wally the Beard (TV-PG) When a man purchases a wig and a beard, he winds up getting a whole new personality, which also leads to a new girlfriend along with a lot of problems.
Mannix The Girl Who Came in with the Tide (TV-PG) When a womans body washes ashore, Mannix recognizes the woman as a former consort of a crooked attorney who once suspended Mannix' private detective license.
Ironside Sergeant Mike (TV-PG) An old woman is murdered with a German shepherd as the only witness; the Chief uncovers con-jobs and blackmail suggesting the old woman was not as she seemed.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Death Scene (TV-PG) A mechanic, who is engaged to a once-famous director's daughter, winds up criticizing the director's famous film, causing an intense rift.
Mannix Death in a Minor Key (TV-PG) When a womans new musician boyfriend recognizes a man in a jazz club, during one of his performances, he runs away, leaving the woman behind.
Ironside In Search of an Artist (TV-PG) The Chief's old artist friend confesses to a murder and is presumed dead; the Chief believes his friend is still alive and seeks to find him and a murderer.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Photographer and the Undertaker (TV-PG) After hiding the truth for so long, a photographer and an undertaker come to openly reveal their true professions when they go after one another.
Mannix End Game (TV-PG) Mannix gets a call from the police when his old friend from the Korean War is being held hostage inside of an abandoned building; shared history.
Ironside Up, Down and Even (TV-PG) Eve's niece is arrested for possession and use or the illegal drug marijuana, and the Chief's investigation leads to a shocking realization.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Thou Still Unravished Bride (TV-PG) A man is greatly concerned for his fiancée's safety after she has taken a walk alone in the London fog while a strangler is on the loose.
Mannix All Around the Money Tree (TV-PG) An Englishman rents an office in the same complex as Mannix, who later locks a man in the closet; he realizes his office is being watched by other men.
Ironside Why the Tuesday Afternoon Bridge Club Met on Thursday (TV-PG) Members disappear from Victoria Ironside's bridge club; Ironside uncovers a strange and sorry tale when he investigates in an effort to help his aunt.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Completely Foolproof (TV-PG) During a politician's bribe in a parking lot, a private detective is spotted, leading to the revelation of his wife questioning his faithfulness.
Mannix The Odds Against Donald Jordan (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by a compulsive gambler and gets differing stories three people close to him, the gamblers sister, wife and business partner.
Ironside Rundown on a Bum Rap (TV-PG) Mark's old boxing coach, who is an alcoholic, is a suspect in a serious assault and Mark is the only one believes that he might be innocent.
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