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The Outer Limits The Invisible Enemy (TV-PG) An expedition to Mars finds itself in peril from hidden alien predators.
The Outer Limits Wolf 359 (TV-PG) A scientist recreates a planet in miniature and watches as it progresses beyond the present.
Lost in Space Collision of the Planets (TV-PG) The Robinsons and Dr. Smith battle a dangerous band of space hippies, who have landed on their planet with the intention of blowing it up.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Look at Us, We're Walking (TV-G) Feeling that they deserve better financial compensation for their work, Mary and Lou demand higher wages from the new station manager.
Taxi Louie Moves Uptown (TV-PG) Louie decides to move into a high rise co-op condo and he needs to do is borrow money from Jim and beat out Penny Marshall for the flat.
The Fugitive Smoke Screen (TV-PG) Kimble blows his cover while serving as a farm worker to deliver a baby; Gerard hears of the act and believes Kimble to be the charitable doctor.
The Untouchables Mexican Stake-Out (TV-PG) Eliot Ness and the Untouchables are forced to travel to Mexico, in order to locate a key witness in their case against an infamous racketeer.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Coming, Mama (TV-PG) A young woman desperately wants to marry her boyfriend, but her domineering mother refuses to let her, so she devises a wicked plan to murder her.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Deathmate (TV-PG) A con artist devises a plan to murder his secret lover's wealthy husband, but after performing the crime, he finds out that he was the person being tricked.
Mannix Deadfall: Part 1 (TV-PG) A security chief has been apparently killed in an auto-related incident, and an explosion at Intertect kills a technician and destroys a new laser device.
Cannon The Prisoners (TV-PG) A young man is persuaded to extort his own father for $50,000 but his father is found to be bankrupt; Frank Cannon is called upon to investigate.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Gratitude (TV-PG) A gangster afraid of dying discovers that is being hunted, so when he is unable to gather enough courage to commit suicide, he asks his servant to kill him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Pearl Necklace (TV-PG) A young woman with a boyfriend decides to marry her wealthy boss after she discovers that he has just one year left to live, but her greedy plan falls apart.
Mannix Deadfall: Part 2 (TV-PG) In the middle of his investigation on a series of attacks, a doctor from Intertect treats Mannix's injuries; Wickersham's erratic behavior explained.
Cannon The Seventh Grave (TV-PG) A small town has endured a series of murders involving young women, and Frank Cannon is called upon by a newspaper publisher to investigate the crimes.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents You Can't Trust a Man (TV-PG) When her husband returns home from serving a lengthy prison sentence, a strange woman devises a plan to murder him in order to end their relationship.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Gloating Place (TV-PG) A conniving woman fakes several shocking crimes in order to gain popularity through the media, but eventually her plan falls completely apart.
Mannix You Can Get Killed Out There (TV-PG) Mannix decides to quit Intertect after Wickersham agrees to take on a case involving a suspected crime boss; Mannix takes on the case from another angle.
Cannon Catch Me If You Can (TV-PG) A psychotic man calls Frank because he wants to stop killing people but cannot help himself and needs help; he asks the detective to put him out of his misery.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Self Defense (TV-PG) After being held at gunpoint, an innocent man chases down a young criminal and shoots him four times, but he is found not-guilty because it was self-defense.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents A Secret Life (TV-PG) A man wants to divorce his wife, so when she refuses to end their marriage, he hires a private detective in hopes of finding evidence that she is an adulterer.
Mannix Another Final Exit (TV-PG) A down-on-his-luck man is married to the sister of a mobster, who is about to finally get parole; Bernie finds that a box that was entrusted to him is empty.
Cannon Press Pass to the Slammer (TV-PG) A reporter faces the grand jury and refuses to say anything about the source of her information; when she faces jail time, she asks Frank for help.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Servant Problem (TV-PG) A writer hosts an important party, so when his estranged wife shows up, he devises a plan to murder her, but his scheme turns into a complete disaster.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Coming Home (TV-PG) After serving a 20-year prison sentence for armed robbery, a former criminal is released from prison and robbed by a young girl outside a bar.
Mannix Eight to Five, It's a Miracle (TV-PG) Mannix is hired to investigate a supposed miracle that took place and a mobsters property; Mannix is attacked and he starts to doubt the miracles legitimacy.
Cannon Deadly Heritage A woman needs help finding her husband's illegitimate son, who is still bitter after a lifetime spent at the orphanage instead of with her wealthy family.
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The Outer Limits I, Robot (TV-PG) A robot is put on trial for the accidental death of his creator and a defense attorney is assigned to prove that the robot was unaware of its actions.
The Outer Limits Keeper of the Purple Twilight (TV-PG) In exchange for his emotions, a scientist gets advanced technological knowledge from an alien, then builds a machine that could destroy all life.
Lost in Space The Space Creature (TV-PG) The Jupiter 2 is enveloped by a thick cloud of blue fog that causes the members of the ship to disappear one by one until only Will is left.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Critic (TV-G) In a desperate attempt to beat out the competition in the ratings race, Mel Price hires a well-renowned critic, who offends viewers by mocking Minneapolis.
Taxi Alex's Old Buddy (TV-PG) Alex learns the upsetting news that his old dog is dying and he does everything he possibly can to make sure his dogs final days as comfortable.
The Fugitive See Hollywood and Die (TV-PG) Kimble and a frightened woman are kidnapped by two gunmen at a gas station, and his attempt to get in their good graces backfires.
The Untouchables The Artichoke King (TV-PG) Eliot Ness and the rest of the Untouchables are brought in to prevent the mob from taking control of the city's wholesale produce distribution.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Final Arrangements (TV-PG) A distressed man wants to get rid of his overweight and domineering spouse, so he orders a casket from the funeral home and devises a plan to murder her.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Make My Death Bed (TV-PG) A woman plans to murder her husband by giving his mistress a bottle of saccharin, and after finding out that he has been killed, she turns herself in.
Mannix Delayed Action (TV-PG) A severely injured man shows up to a hospital emergency room, asking for Mannix, but the detective does not recognize the man; connected to old case.
Cannon He Who Digs a Grave, Part 1 (TV-PG) A writer is charged with double murder when his wife and her lover are found dead; Frank Cannon comes to the man's small ranching town investigate the crime.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Ambition (TV-PG) A district attorney tries to win a court case with help from an undercover mafia informant, but his witness's cover is blown, and the mob murders him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Hatbox (TV-PG) A young student visits his teacher about cheating on a test and discovers some shocking clues that make him think his teacher is a murderer.
Mannix To Kill a Writer (TV-PG) A novelist, known for writing mystery novels based are real life crimes, finds a strange note in his home, which appears to have been written by himself.
Cannon He Who Digs a Grave, Part 2 (TV-PG) Part two of two; a writer is charged with double murder when his wife and her lover are found dead; Frank Cannon comes to the man's small ranching town.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Bang You're Dead (TV-PG) A boy gets excited when his uncle returns from Africa with a gift for him, but after growing impatient, he looks for the present himself and finds a loaded gun.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Maria (TV-PG) A carnival man buys a monkey that turns out to be a female dwarf in disguise, and the little lady falls in love with him and tries to destroy his marriage.
Mannix The Girl in the Frame (TV-PG) A wealthy art collector is stunned when he meets a woman with a strong resemblance to the model seen in a painting that he owns; he wishes to speak with her.
Cannon Memo from a Dead Man (TV-PG) A representative for a dead man comes to Frank with the man's will, stating that when he dies, he wants a detective to find out if any of his heirs killed him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Cop for a Day (TV-PG) After accidentally killing a bank teller and leaving a bystander, a dangerous burglar devises a plan to murder the witness by pretending he is a police officer.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Keep Me Company (TV-PG) When her husband says he has to work late, a housewife becomes angry and devises a plan to seduce a police officer, but her scheme turns into a disaster
Mannix The Silent Cry (TV-PG) Mannix finally quits the agency to make it on his own as a detective; he encounters a deaf woman who witnesses a crime being planned by lip-reading.
Cannon Hounds of Hell (TV-PG) Two former soldiers from a Vietnam combat unit have been killed by vicious dog attacks, and Frank Cannon is called upon to investigate.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Beta Delta Gamma (TV-PG) Several fraternity boys decide to play a joke on their friend by making him think he murdered someone while drunk, but the plan turns into a disaster.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents You Can't Be a Little Girl All Your Life (TV-PG) A young woman is attacked in her home while her husband is away, but she manages to fight back and rip one of the intruder's gloves in the process.
Mannix Comes Up Rose (TV-PG) A former police officer, who had once saved Mannix's life, hires him after his wife, a former prostitute who had gone straight, has run off.
Cannon Target in the Mirror (TV-PG) Frank Cannon turns down a client's case, but is drawn into her life after her sudden death in her home just after the visit; he investigates the murder.
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