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Adam-12 Northeast Division (TV-PG) The police officers receive a shocking call regarding a holdup; the partners are forced to deal with a young boy who scares people with his motorcycle.
Night Gallery Die Now, Pay Later; Dead Weight (TV-PG) When an undertaker has a clearance sale on both coffins and funerals, a local sheriff begins to suspect that the rising death rate and the sale may be linked.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Cadaver (TV-PG) A medical undergraduate lies to a roommate about killing a woman while drunk in an effort to get him to stop drinking once and for all.
Thriller Dark Legacy (TV-PG) A magician who has always lived in his famous uncle's shadow inherits a book of secrets from him and learns that it goes much deeper than stage trickery.
Adam-12 If the Shoe Fits (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed receive information about a young boy who is hiding out in a building that is going to be demolished; Malloy gets a new pair of squeaky shoes.
Night Gallery The Diary (TV-PG) A cruel gossip columnist discovers that the diary she received as a gift appears to foretell the next day's events before they occur.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Dividing Wall (TV-PG) After carrying out a daring heist, a gang of thieves discovers that their loot actually contains a deadly radioactive capsule, putting everyone at risk.
Thriller Pigeons from Hell (TV-PG) Two young brothers whose car breaks down in the middle of a swamp take refuge overnight in a nearby plantation manor that appears to be abandoned.
Adam-12 Southwest Division (TV-PG) The police officers receive a call about a man looking through windows; Malloy buys a painting from a dealer who turns out to be selling art illegally.
Night Gallery Big Surprise; Professor Peabody's Last Lecture; Quoth the Raven (TV-PG) A farmer promises a big surprise to a group of boys; an academic scoffs the wrong ancient god; Edgar Allan Poe gets unwanted coaching.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Goodbye George (TV-PG) An actress tries to leave her old life behind after killing her first husband, but while on her honeymoon with her new husband, she runs into trouble.
Thriller What Beckoning Ghost? (TV-PG) A pianist who has been recuperating from an illness at home has a series of bizarre visions, and she figures out they are images from a funeral.
Adam-12 The Sweet Smell ... (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed investigate a case concerning a priest who is accused for stealing from his church; a bottle of perfume is spilled in the back seat of the car.
Night Gallery Dr. Stringfellow's Rejuvenator (TV-PG) A wily medicine man promises restored health to a poor farmer's dying daughter in the Old West.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour How to Get Rid of Your Wife (TV-PG) A submissive man and his tempestuous wife have separate and concealed plans to murder one another, leading to an unexpected outcome for them both.
Thriller Guillotine (TV-PG) A convicted murderer facing the guillotine believes that if the executioner dies before his own sentence is carried out, he will be freed.
Get Smart Our Man in Toyland (TV-G) 99 discovers that KAOS is using talking dolls and a department store to smuggle important secrets out of the country.
Get Smart Now You See Him ... Now You Don't (TV-G) A scientist shows up at Smart's apartment claiming to have escaped from KAOS' lab with an invisibility ray he invented.
The Honeymooners Pal O' Mine (TV-G) Ralph finds a ring and mistakes it as a gift to him; when it is explained that it's actually a gift for a newly promoted co-worker, Ralph's feelings are hurt.
The Honeymooners Brother Ralph (TV-G) A temporary layoff due to a union strike forces Alice to look for work, but jobs are hard to find for married women, and Alice pretends Ralph is her brother.
Car 54, Where Are You? That's Show Business (TV-PG) Muldoon's sister Peggy manages to land a part in a play entitled 'Waiting for Wednesday," which features a variety of colorful characters.
Car 54, Where Are You? Toody Undercover (TV-PG) Toody is forced to go undercover as part of a mob ring in order to exposes the entire organization; Toody is helped by an inmate with extensive knowledge.
Naked City Tombstone for a Derelict (TV-PG) Police are baffled after four young men begin to travel around the city, murdering homeless persons and leaving swastikas by their bodies.
Peter Gunn Kill from Nowhere (TV-PG) After someone tries to murder a wealthy invalid woman, her trusted assistant unexpectedly goes missing, so Gunn is hired to solve both cases.
Mr. Lucky The Leadville Kid Gang (TV-G)
Route 66 Blue Murder (TV-PG) Tod and Buz travel to Montana with a horse deemed too dangerous to live in order to give it to one last owner who says he can tame the horse.
Adam-12 Trouble in the Bank (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed stop by a bank for Reed to drop off a deposit, and they run right into a robbery; the police officers make a deal with the robbers.
Night Gallery House - with Ghost; Witches' Feast (TV-PG) A husband plans to murder his wife with the help of a ghost; a coven of witches awaits an overdue member.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Magic Shop (TV-PG) A boy's paranormal powers are revealed when he pays a visit to a magic shop on his birthday, leaving everyone in shock and disbelief.
Thriller The Weird Tailor (TV-PG) A man with an interest in black magic commissions a very special tailor to make a suit of clothes that can bring his son back from the dead.
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Adam-12 North Hollywood Division (TV-PG) The officers receive a call from a woman who believes she hears a lion roaring in her neighborhood; Malloy has an article written about him in a newspaper.
Night Gallery The Dear Departed; A Matter of Semantics (TV-PG) A phony spiritualist and his assistant's unfaithful wife are plagued by bad luck after an auto accident seemingly simplifies their lives.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Beyond the Sea of Death (TV-PG) After her fortune-hunting husband has caused their marriage to fall apart, his jaded wife vows never to make the same mistake again.
Thriller God Grant That She Lye Stille (TV-PG) Lady Margaret, the last descendant of a woman who was burned at the stake for witchcraft in the 17th century, is haunted by the spirit of her ancestor.
Adam-12 Taking It Easy (TV-PG) Officer Reed hurts his wrist in an accident and is forced to go on front desk duty temporarily; Malloy receives a new rookie partner until Reed heals up.
Night Gallery Pickman's Model (TV-PG) A young woman is mysteriously drawn to a reclusive artist who is obsessed with ghouls.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Night Caller (TV-PG) When an eerie young man begins making intimidating phone calls to an unsuspecting woman, the encounters nearly drive her to complete madness.
Thriller Masquerade (TV-PG) Stormy weather forces a pair of honeymooners to spend the night at a dilapidated motel that is run by a strange family that calls themselves vampires.
Adam-12 Krash (TV-PG) Cameras follow three officers from the Los Angeles Police Department as they spend their daily lives protecting the public and catching dangerous criminals.
Night Gallery Camera Obscura (TV-PG) A heartless moneylender gets what he deserves with help from a client's strange device.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Evil of Adelaide Winters (TV-PG) A con artist, who makes a living contacting clients' dead relatives, gets more than she bargained for when she meets the father of a World War II casualty.
Thriller Last of the Sommervilles (TV-PG) A man and his cousin-by-marriage team up to try to get at the fortune of an eccentric old aunt who is the last survivor of her family's generation.
Adam-12 Routine Patrol (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed try their best to stop four young criminals who steal a car full of guns and ammunition and use the weaponry to go on a rampage of robberies.
Night Gallery The Messiah on Mott Street (TV-PG) After being taught about the coming of the Messiah by his dying grandfather, a young boy attempts to locate the miracle-worker and save his grandfather.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Jar (TV-PG) A man purchases a mysterious life form that is kept inside of a jar, only to make a disturbing discovery regarding its capabilities.
Thriller Letter to a Lover (TV-PG) A husband and wife are two of the chief suspects after a doctor is found murdered, but each of them tells anyone who will listen that the other one is insane.
Get Smart The Day Smart Turned Chicken (TV-G) As Smart prepares to testify against KAOS, they set up situations that make it appear as if he is losing his mind.
Get Smart Satan Place (TV-G) Max pretends to be a doctor in order to save the Chief from a KAOS surgeon who is preparing for a mind-control procedure.
The Honeymooners Hello, Mom (TV-G) Ralph jumps to conclusions when a telegram arrives announcing "mom" is coming for a visit and has a fit, determining to sleep at Norton's until she's gone.
The Honeymooners The Deciding Vote (TV-G) Ralph is running for a Raccoon Lodge office, but when he loses by one vote he blames Norton, believing his friend cast the deciding vote for his opponent.
Car 54, Where Are You? I Hate Captain Block (TV-PG) Toody is responsible for taking care of Captain Block's parrot while he is away; Toody decides to teach the parrot to talk, but it backfires.
Car 54, Where Are You? A Star is Born in the Bronx (TV-PG) Sylvia Schnauser becomes delusional when she is asked to sell cookies for a television commercial; Sylvia Schnauser needs mental help.
Naked City A Memory of Crying (TV-PG) After four miserable marriages leave a man emotionless, he finally marries a woman he loves; however, his wife dies while giving birth and he loses his mind.
Peter Gunn Vendetta (TV-PG) After Edie is shot by someone who was aiming for Gunn, Jacoby reveals some critical information about who might have been targeting Gunn.
Mr. Lucky The Sour Milk Fund (TV-G)
Route 66 Good Night, Sweet Blues (TV-PG) Tod and Buzz almost get in a collision, and when they learn the other driver is a gravely ill woman, they decide to help her out by fulfilling her final wish.
Adam-12 Sunburn (TV-PG) Reed is forced to go on patrol with a painful sunburn; the partners get in an interesting situation when they pull over a vehicle that has fake license plates.
Night Gallery You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore; Miss Lovecraft Sent Me (TV-PG) A sadistic couple with a taste for torturing their robot servants discovers that their newest robot maid is developing survival instincts.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Murder Case (TV-PG) A former couple decides to reunite with one another in order to form an intricate murder plot for the woman's current partner in hopes of gaining his riches.
Thriller The Storm (TV-PG) A woman returns after two weeks away from home and spends the evening by herself as a storm rages, and she is gripped by the feeling that she is not alone.
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