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The Outer Limits O.B.I.T. (TV-PG) A mysterious electronic device creates a picture from wave lengths, and reveals a secret about a scientist.
The Outer Limits The Human Factor (TV-PG) A man creates a machine that allows him to link with another person's thoughts, but in a freak accident, he finds his mind has switched bodies.
Lost in Space The Cave of the Wizards (TV-PG) After thumping his head on a rock, Dr. Smith loses his memory and stumbles into a cave, where he encounters a computer that takes possession of his mind.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Murray Takes a Stand (TV-G) WJM-TV gets new ownership, and the higher-ups implement new standards, which upsets Murray enough to tell his superiors off over the phone.
Taxi The Unkindest Cut (TV-PG) Elaine decides to pay a large amount of money for a new hairstyle, but she is not happy with the final result; when Alex sees the new cut.
Get Smart KAOS in CONTROL (TV-G) KAOS crashes a conference of the world's smartest scientists hosted by CONTROL.
Sledge Hammer! Vertical (TV-PG)
Car 54, Where Are You? I've Been Here Before (TV-G) A crew of criminals gets advice for their illegal activities by watching "Crime Busters," Officer Toody's favorite television program.
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko, the Marriage Broker (TV-G) Bilko tries to find a date for his lieutenant whose iron-fist style of leadership has the platoon members on the brink of insanity.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Kill with Kindness (TV-PG) A man, with help from his sister, attempts to pull off an insurance scam by setting fire to his house and faking his death by using a bum he meets.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents None Are so Blind (TV-PG) A man disguises himself in order to murder his wealthy aunt, but when he is questioned by the police department, something seems to give him away.
Mannix Broken Mirror (TV-PG) A wealthy industrialist hires Mannix to uncover why his wife had disappeared from their sailboat off the coast in Mexico; the wife is found, apparently safe.
Ironside Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Murder (TV-PG) When a girl begins to dabble in witchcraft and becomes convinced that she's responsible for a man's death, Ironside investigates to prove she wasn't involved.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Toby (TV-PG) When a man gets in contact with his childhood sweetheart, she agrees to marry him but brings with her a sickly child, and there's something odd about her.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Alibi Me (TV-PG) After his rival is killed, a gangster needs an alibi and turns to his landlady for help, but an unforeseen circumstance changes the entire plan.
Mannix Portrait of a Hero (TV-PG) A Vietnam war hero is killed by a grenade that was tossed into an elevator just before the doors had closed; the elevator operator survives.
Ironside Achilles' Heel (TV-PG) A judge's son is framed for the murder of a young actress in an attempt to get the judge to grant a lighter sentence, so Ironside tries to clear the man's name.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Conversation Over a Corpse (TV-PG) Two sisters discuss what to do with a man they have poisoned, but he revives and turns them against one another, and shoots one, but the other poisons him.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Crack of Doom (TV-PG) While playing a game with one of his company's wealthy clients, a man gambles everything he has and everything his company owns on one game.
Mannix The Inside Man (TV-PG) Mannix goes on an undercover mission in which he joins a New Orleans mob to lear the identity of one of their members, who plans to turn in a mob boss.
Ironside His Fiddlers Three (TV-PG) Ironside must discover a clue hidden within a piece of classical music that has been left by a murder victim who taught violin at a music conservatory.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Jonathan (TV-PG) A young man is extremely distressed when his widowed father decides to marry a woman who he resents, so he devises a wicked scheme to murder her.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Better Bargain (TV-PG) When a dangerous mobster finds out that his wife is cheating on him with another man, he decides to have a vicious hitman murder her for $20,000.
Mannix To Kill a Memory (TV-PG) A young man returns to California to be with his family, known to them as an Army Ranger whom had been presumed killed during the Vietnam war.
Ironside A Man Named Arno (TV-PG) Fran is attacked by an escaped convict while alone in the office, but she is quickly rescued by a mysterious man who refuses to tell her his name.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Rose Garden (TV-PG) A publisher receives a manuscript for a murder mystery novel and is disturbed by how authentic it seems, leading him to wonder if it is fact instead of fiction.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mr. Blanchard's Secret (TV-PG) A homemaker with an overactive imagination decides to play investigator when she convinces herself that her new neighbors are up to no good.
Mannix The Upside-Down Penny (TV-PG) A young boy wants to hire Mannix to find his lost stamp album, which he claims to have lost at an amusement arcade; a street artist may have stolen it.
Ironside Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown, Part 1 (TV-PG) After the sniper attack, Ed is left in a hospital bed with possible paralysis for life, unless he can undergo an experimental procedure.
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The Outer Limits Corpus Earthling (TV-PG) A geologist and his assistant examine some unusual rocks, but when his assistant leaves, the geologist discovers the rocks' secret.
The Outer Limits Nightmare (TV-PG) A group of astronauts are captured and made prisoners of war of the planet Ebon, where they are subjected to different methods of interrogation.
Lost in Space Treasures of the Lost Planet (TV-G) When a band of space pirates learns that Dr. Smith knows the location of a valuable buried treasure, they force him to take them to it.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary's Aunt Returns (TV-G) Mary's Aunt Flo pays another visit to the Minneapolis area, where her rivalry with Lou heats up as they put together competing documentary ideas.
Taxi Tony's Comeback (TV-PG) Tony acts as a personal trainer for a young man who wants to become a successful player for the NFL and develops a workout routine for him.
Get Smart The Day Smart Turned Chicken (TV-G) As Smart prepares to testify against KAOS, they set up situations that make it appear as if he is losing his mind.
Sledge Hammer! Dressed to Call (TV-PG)
Car 54, Where Are You? Joan Crawford Didn't Say No (TV-G) The officers of the 53rd precinct head out to bust a fake matrimonial service promising to pair its clients with Hollywood movie stars.
The Phil Silvers Show Bilko Acres (TV-G) Bilko believes purchasing swamp land near the camp will earn him some money after he gets word that the campsite is undergoing expansion in the future.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents John Brown's Body (TV-PG) A furniture designer is committed to a mental institution by his wife and his business partner because they believe he is destroying the business.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Crackpot (TV-PG) Two newlyweds have trouble with their car on the way to a hotel, and a businessman stops to help them but becomes furious when he gets his suit dirty.
Mannix One Step to Midnight (TV-PG) Mannix thinks he is going to be meeting with a new client but gets ambushed by a gunman who accuses him of working with a former crime boss.
Ironside Five Days in the Death of Sergeant Brown, Part 2 (TV-PG) After the sniper attack, Ed is left in a hospital bed with possible paralysis for life, unless he can undergo an experimental procedure.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Nightmare in 4-D (TV-PG) A man has a rather realistic dream about getting rid of a body in a neighbor's apartment, and he becomes the chief suspect in a murder case.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents My Brother Richard (TV-PG) A man's brother is running for governor, and he kills his opponent, then holds his brother hostage until he agrees that he did the right thing.
Mannix Harvest of Death (TV-PG) Two crop-dusting pilots have vanished without a trace; a concerned crop dusting company owner comes to his old friend, Joe Mannix, for help.
Ironside The Savage Sentry (TV-PG) Ironside is trying to stop one of San Francisco's serial thieves who specializes in taming guard dogs, and his plan involved some danger and a dog of his own.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Manacled (TV-PG) A detective transporting a criminal by train is persuaded to let the convict go in exchange for a big amount of money, but then he changes his mind.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Bottle of Wine (TV-PG) An angry judge attempts to prove that his wife's secret boyfriend is an absolute idiot, but his crazy scheme turns into a complete disaster.
Mannix A Puzzle for One (TV-PG) Mannix launches an investigation to discover who killed a fellow private eye, and he soon finds himself attempting to piece together the man's final case.
Ironside Programmed for Panic (TV-PG) An art student is murdered in a San Francisco park, and Ironside decides to hold a television broadcast that might prompt the killer to make a mistake.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Malice Domestic (TV-PG) After a visit to the doctor, a man finds traces of arsenic in his body and suspects his wife, who then dies after drinking a cup of poisoned coffee.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Number Twenty-Two (TV-PG) A crazy criminal who robs a candy store is very surprised by all the media attention he is getting, until he realizes the gravity of his crime.
Mannix Lost Sunday (TV-PG) Mannix takes a case in which he must travel to Northern California to solve the mystery of a young mans death; the coroner believes the death was an accident.
Ironside Down Two Roads (TV-PG) Soon after Mark graduates from law school one of his friends is charged with a crime, but his attempts to help leave him disillusioned with his new job.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The End of Indian Summer (TV-PG) An insurance detective investigating a woman suspected of killing her husbands for money meets up with a man investigating the woman's new fiance.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents One for the Road (TV-PG) A woman tries to murder her husband's secret mistress by putting poison in her bowl of sugar but later asks her, out of desperation, to save his life.
Mannix See No Evil (TV-PG) When a woman is found murdered on a street near Peggys home, Mannix is the first person to reach the scene; her husband hires Mannix to investigate.
Ironside Camera...Action...Murder! (TV-PG) The Chief receives films showing young women being murdered, and Fran is marked as the next victim.
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