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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour A Home Away from Home (TV-PG) At a sanatorium, a mentally unstable patient takes the staff hostage and turns the tables, placing the staff and physicians under the care of the patients.
Mannix To Cage a Seagull (TV-PG) Mannix is about to meet with his friend, a helicopter traffic reporter, for a day of golf, he learns that the friends copter had crashed in a remote area.
Ironside The People Against McIntire (TV-PG) A judge receives death threats when he starts to teach about a previous case, and Ironside thinks that the threats are from the man who committed the crime.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour A Nice Touch (TV-PG) An unfaithful wife is caught in the middle between her drunken husband and her determined lover, so she tries to convince the latter to kill the former.
Mannix Bang, Bang, You're Dead (TV-PG) While playing in an abandoned movie theater, a young girl finds three men watching a film and overhears a plot to murder somebody.
Ironside Noel's Gonna Fly (TV-PG) Ironside chooses to intervene in the life of an aging accountant who's dealing with the stresses of life by pursuing an unhealthy lifestyle of alcohol.
Land of the Giants A Place Called Earth (TV-PG) The Spindrift crew captures two time travelers with plans to rule the galaxy; Steve and Dan use a truth serum to discover their plan.
Time Tunnel End of the World (TV-PG) A small town in 1910 is fearful of Halley's Comet and an astronomer has convinced everyone that it brings doom and the scientists must help stranded miners.
Lost in Space The Dream Monster (TV-PG) Hoping to earn a trip home to Earth, Dr. Smith agrees to steal the emotions of the Robinson family so an alien scientist can use them to complete an experiment.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Ted's Tax Refund (TV-G) Ted goes on a spending spree after learning that he has earned a $6,000 tax refund, but the IRS soon announces that they plan to audit him.
Taxi Of Mice and Tony (TV-PG) Tony encounters a young heavyweight boxer with a lot of potential and he makes an offer to become the young mans manager but so does a mysterious syndicate.
Get Smart Hello, Columbus - Goodbye, America (TV-G) Smart must keep a direct descendent of Christopher Columbus from giving the rights to all the land in the Americas to KAOS.
Sledge Hammer! Sledgepoo (TV-PG) When a hairdresser is suspected of being a cat burglar's partner, Hammer is forced to go undercover to get the goods on the suspect.
The Bob Newhart Show My Son, The Comedian (TV-G) Howard's son is dismayed at his progress at school and believes his talents are better suited elsewhere so he announces that he is going to quit school.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Goodbye Mr. Pomfritt, Hello Mr. Chips (TV-G) Dobie and Maynard visit their old high school and find out their English teacher is about to retire, so they organize a tribute to convince him not to leave.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Terror In Northfield (TV-PG) Feeling the pain of his sudden loss, a pious extremist angrily decides to embark on a vengeful killing spree because his own son was recently murdered.
Mannix Deja Vu (TV-PG) A young woman visits Mannix at his office to tell him of a strange dream she had that somebody was trying to kill him, which could be because of a blackmailer.
Ironside The Lonely Way to Go (TV-PG) The accountant who works with the police's pension fund confesses to killing his secretary, but the evidence suggests that the man cannot be guilty.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour You'll Be the Death of Me (TV-PG) A new bride suspects her husband of the murder of a young woman who was found dead 200 yards away from their home after evidence is found in their cabin.
Mannix Duet for Three (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by a woman whose husband committed suicide in Hong Kong shortly after finding himself in a troubling situation; the wife is followed.
Ironside Check, Mate and Murder, Part 1 (TV-PG) While in Canada, Ironside and his team get caught in a wave of bombings that turns fatal, but the real mystery is how they're connected to a stolen chess set.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Blood Bargain (TV-PG) An unexpected moment of conscience causes an assassin to fail at fulfilling his expensive contract after meeting his target's handicapped wife.
Mannix Round Trip to Nowhere (TV-PG) Mannix' client hires him to help find a man who is harassing his wife, including accosting her in a taxi cab in Chicago; he is later killed in a car chase.
Ironside Check, Mate and Murder, Part 2 (TV-PG) Ed goes undercover to try and catch the killer in the terrorist group while the others in the team keep the investigation of the bombings open.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Nothing Ever Happens in Linvale (TV-PG) An attractive widow makes an attempt to persuade a police officer that her neighbor is the one to blame for the murder of his partner.
Mannix What Happened To Sunday (TV-PG) Mannix wakes up in a hospital with no memory of the previous 24 hours, and he uses the few items in his possession when he was found to reconstruct the day.
Ironside Too Many Victims (TV-PG) When a policeman's daughter is killed while driving under the influence of drugs, the officer oversteps his bounds while getting even with the drug dealer.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Starring the Defense (TV-PG) When a child finds himself accused of a violent murder, a former actor attempts to help by playing the part of his defense attorney.
Mannix The Judas Touch (TV-PG) A police chief in a small town asks Mannix to help him in their case when their friend is sent to jail for a crime he didn't commit.
Ironside The Man on the Inside (TV-PG) After a series of drug raids that go poorly, an arrested drug pusher accuses Ironside of being an informant for the gangs, and Ed is forced to investigate.
Land of the Giants Land of the Lost (TV-PG) A tyrannical king uses a tractor beam in order to draw a giant child's balloon the crew was hiding in to his kingdom and capture them.
Time Tunnel The Day the Sky Fell In (TV-PG) The scientists arrive in Honolulu just before the bombing of Pearl Harbor and one of the men must try and save his father who was killed during the attack.
Lost in Space The Golden Man (TV-PG) The Robinsons befriend a man with golden skin who claims to be at war with a race of evil frog creatures, but Penny soon learns who the real enemy is.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show The Happy Homemaker Takes Lou Home (TV-G) Sue Ann convinces Mary to help her with setting up a fake blind date between her and Lou, who agrees to a date without realizing whom it's with.
Taxi Louie Goes Too Far (TV-PG) Louie loses his job after Elaine calls him out for being a Peeping Tom when she catches him watching her as she changes; he apologizes to her.
Get Smart Do I Hear a Vaults? (TV-G) Smart accidentally locks the Chief in a bank vault while on a mission to secure a book containing the names of CONTROL agents.
Sledge Hammer! Comrade Hammer (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Shallow Throat (TV-G) Bob is thrilled when one of his non-talkative patients named Mr. Twillmer finally decides to open up after being told it is in the strictness of confidence.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Take Me to Your Leader (TV-G) Dobie and Maynard tell their sergeant about a stormy night in high school at the grocery store when they were convinced a customer in the store was an alien.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Cadaver (TV-PG) A medical undergraduate lies to a roommate about killing a woman while drunk in an effort to get him to stop drinking once and for all.
Mannix With Intent to Kill (TV-PG) A tough police Lieutenant is threatened to stay off of an investigation of the theft of $85,000, but he fails to listen as his garage is blown up.
Ironside Backfire (TV-PG) Mark begins to dig up an old case as a research project for his coursework, and he discovers an injustice that could implicate Ed in a cover-up.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Dividing Wall (TV-PG) After carrying out a daring heist, a gang of thieves discovers that their loot actually contains a deadly radioactive capsule, putting everyone at risk.
Mannix The Crime That Wasn't (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by a young boy after he overhears his parents arguing about whether or not they should go to the police over something they witnessed.
Ironside The Laying on of Hands (TV-PG) Businessmen show up in the San Francisco area with a young Hispanic boy claiming that he is able to heal people, so Ironside investigates their claims.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Goodbye George (TV-PG) An actress tries to leave her old life behind after killing her first husband, but while on her honeymoon with her new husband, she runs into trouble.
Mannix A Gathering of Ghosts (TV-PG) Mannix receives an unusual telegram, which prompts him to travel to an old western ghost town, where he meets with four football players.
Ironside This Could Blow Your Mind (TV-PG) Ironside is forced to go to a hospital for a psychological evaluation; Detective Ed is tracking for clues concerning a con man looking for a police informant.
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