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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Paragon (TV-PG) Utterly frustrated with his situation at home, a man discovers a permanent solution for handling his mean-spirited and meddling wife.
Kojak 60 Miles to Hell (TV-PG) While trying to transport a prisoner back to New York, Crocker is taken hostage and Kojak tries to save him and capture the prisoner.
Columbo Short Fuse (TV-PG) The CEO of a family business wants to sell the company until a bomb is planted in his car and Columbo is on the case.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour I'll Be the Judge, I'll Be the Jury (TV-PG) A man's parents-in-law decide to take it upon themselves to capture an elusive murderer after he and their daughter are violently killed.
Kojak In Full Command (TV-PG) Kojak must investigate an outbreak in group violence with a veteran inspector whose no-nonsense work ethic makes the job more difficult than necessary.
Columbo Playback (TV-PG) An electronics expert finds out that his mother in law, who runs the firm where he works, is blackmailing him to that he'll resign, and has her killed.
Land of the Giants Brainwash (TV-PG) The crew finds an old communication station capable of contacting earth; a giant scientist invents foam that forces a person to tell the truth.
Time Tunnel The Alamo (TV-PG) Doug and Tony arrive at the Alamo just before it is going to be attacked by Mexican forces, but their attempts to warn the fort's defenders go unheeded.
Lost in Space The Challenge (TV-PG) A young alien challenges Will to a fight to the death to test his superiority and validate his title of Prince, but John steps in to take his son's place.
Get Smart Schwartz's Island (TV-G) The Smarts' honeymoon comes to an abrupt end when their cruise ship blows up and they drift to an island controlled by Siegfried.
Get Smart One Nation Invisible (TV-G) Smart is caught in a compromising situation when an invisible scientist he is escorting turns out to be a beautiful woman.
Sledge Hammer! Dressed to Call (TV-PG)
Sledge Hammer! Hammer Hits the Rock
The Bob Newhart Show A Matter of Vice-Principal (TV-G) After the vice-principal at Emily's school is promoted, she is asked to fill his position, leading to unexpected problems and causing her to debate staying.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis A Taste for Lobster (TV-PG) Dobie thinks he's found the right girl when he meets Gwyneth, who doesn't care about money, until her kid sister begins dating a richer boy.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Diagnosis: Danger (TV-PG) Los Angeles threatens to fall into total chaos unless the health department can determine the source of the anthrax outbreak that has the city on edge.
Kojak Siege of Terror (TV-PG) Three heavily armed thieves take six hostages, lock themselves inside a store and threaten to begin killing the victims within the next two hours.
Columbo Candidate for Crime (TV-PG) A man running for senate is tough on crime but disloyal to his own wife, and his manager is urging him to leave his mistress to save his career.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Lonely Hours (TV-PG) A woman is caught off guard after discovering a strange coincidence connecting her and her newborn baby with her new tenant, who seems rather odd.
Kojak Web of Death (TV-PG) Kojak is charged with finding the culprit responsible for killing an attorney known as a ladies' man, but begins to sense the suspect is someone he knows.
Columbo Swan Song (TV-PG) A successful gospel singers wife is unexpectedly killed in a plane crash, but he survives the crash; Columbo learns that their marriage had its problems.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Star Juror (TV-PG) A man on a jury for a murder case knows something the other jurors don't about what really happened to the victim, but he's afraid to tell anyone the truth.
Kojak One for the Morgue (TV-PG) After a hired assassin fails to hit the intended target, a notorious mob leader, Kojak receives word that identifies the person who ordered the killing.
Columbo A Friend in Deed (TV-PG) A man kills his wife and asks his friend and neighbor to help in making it look like she was murdered by a thief, but Lieutenant Columbo suspects him.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Long Silence (TV-PG) A woman is terrified that her husband is going to kill her after she sees him trying to make her son's murder look like a suicide.
Kojak Knockover (TV-PG) Kojak investigates when an escort donning a stolen diamond ring is found murdered, and discovers a group of bank robbers planning their next heist.
Columbo An Exercise in Fatality (TV-PG) The owner of a chain of health clubs but when one of his franchisees suspects the owner of cheating him, the franchisee is later found dead.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour An Out For Oscar (TV-PG) A shy bank teller plots a seemingly perfect crime to rid himself of his adulterous wife and her money-crazed lover and partner in crime.
Kojak Girl in the River (TV-PG) A serial killer targets single women, sexually assaulting them and marking the heads of the victims with an emblem similar to a mythical king's weapon.
Columbo Negative Reaction (TV-PG) The nagging wife of a Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer is kidnapped and killed, and the husband claims her death was the result of a botched kidnapping.
Land of the Giants The Bounty Hunter (TV-PG) Due to a recent increase in giant search efforts, the Spindrift crew is left scrambling to quickly repair their ship and escape back to Earth.
Time Tunnel Night of the Long Knives (TV-PG) After Doug is captured by an Afghanistan chief, Tony tries to convince English forces to rescue Doug and launch a pre-emptive strike against the Afghan tribes.
Lost in Space The Space Trader (TV-PG) After their entire food supply is wiped out in a sudden storm, Dr. Smith accidentally sells himself as a slave in order to purchase food from a space trader.
Get Smart Hurray for Hollywood (TV-G) Smart and 99 join a theater group to uncover a KAOS communications system, unaware that their enemies are plotting their demise.
Get Smart The Day They Raided the Knights (TV-G) 99 discovers that her new job at a trading stamp redemption center is actually a cover for a secret KAOS weapons facility.
Sledge Hammer! Last of the Red Hot Vampires (TV-PG) An old time actor who played vampires in the movies mysteriously dies; a vampire is seen at two murders where the victims are drained of blood.
Sledge Hammer! Hammeroid (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show No Sale (TV-G) While Bob works with a patient, the patient makes a business proposal and reassures Bob that he could make a substantial amount of profit in no time at all.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Maynard G. Krebs, Boy Millionaire (TV-PG) Maynard finds a purse full of money in the park and contacts the authorities, who tell him he can keep it if no one claims it within the next six months.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Death and the Joyful Woman (TV-PG) A remorseful secretary may know more about a dead wine merchant and the whereabouts of a missing servant than she lets on.
Kojak Requiem for a Cop (TV-PG) Kojak learns his friend and fellow detective has been found brutally murdered and in possession of a sizeable amount of money that is rumored to be stolen.
Columbo By Dawn's Early Light (TV-PG) The owner of a military academy property is in a feud with a Commandant of the school, so he puts together a plan to have the property owner killed.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Last Seen Wearing Blue Jeans (TV-PG) After she has just witnessed a violent murder, an innocent school girl finds herself becoming the perpetrators' next target, leading to a nightmarish chase.
Kojak The Corrupter (TV-PG) Kojak uncovers a stolen jewelry smuggling ring after a store owner is murdered, and must find his way through the hierarchy of the criminal organization.
Columbo Troubled Waters (TV-PG) During a trip to Acapulco, Columbo learns of a murder that had taken place on the cruise ship, and he is asked by the ships captain to take on the case.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Dark Pool (TV-PG) A woman blackmails a mother distraught over the drowning death of her child, but the mother wonders if she really is who she claims to be.
Kojak Dark Sunday (TV-PG) Kojak discovers that a car thief's murder is a precursor for a $500,000 heist when the victim's girlfriend inadvertently reveals more clues about the incident.
Columbo Forgotten Lady (TV-PG) A once-famous star kills her husband when he refuses to finance a new show and makes it look like a suicide and Columbo is the only one who doesn't buy it.
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