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Alfred Hitchcock Presents Post Mortem (TV-PG) A couple going through financial difficulties digs up a rotting corpse when they find out the man had a winning ticket, but they learn he was murdered.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Safe Conduct (TV-PG) A reporter gets into an involved crime scheme while returning from the West where was given special permission to interview a powerful dictator.
Mannix Return to Summer Grove (TV-PG) Mannix returns to his hometown after an old flame asks for help defending her husband, who has been charged with murder and is in an iron lung.
Cannon The Exchange (TV-PG) A Cuban exile is driven by revenge towards a police Lieutenant whom he blames for the death of his young brother; he kidnaps and officer.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Place of Shadows (TV-PG) An infuriated man travels to a remote monastery where he pretends to be a close friend of a young patient staying there for medical purposes.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Perfect Murder (TV-PG) After being present at the reading of their uncle's will, two brothers devise a violent scheme that will allow them to receive their inheritance sooner.
Mannix The Playground (TV-PG) A studio executive approaches Mannix for help in protecting the star of the studio, who has been receiving increasingly violent threats against his life.
Cannon The Avenger (TV-PG) A detective is shot by a drug dealer when he tails a man as a favor to Frank Cannon; Cannon must find the man they were tailing before his brother does.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Bull in a China Shop (TV-PG) A handsome homicide detective meets four unique elderly women who invite him over for a cup of tea and perform a strange variation of a classic play.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Whodunit? (TV-PG) After an interesting conversation with an angel in heaven, a former mystery author who was brutally murdered is given permission to return to earth.
Mannix A Question of Midnight (TV-PG) A former physician loses his medical license after reporting the wrong lab results to a surgeon, and is being prosecuted years later for practicing medicine.
Cannon A Killing in the Family (TV-PG) Cannon is hired by an insurance company representative to investigate an auto accident in which passengers were killed; Cannon finds some things suspicious.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Help Wanted (TV-PG) In desperate need of money to treat his wife's horrible illness, a distressed man accepts a strange job offer from a mysterious businessman.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Portrait of Jocelyn (TV-PG) Four years after his wife's mysterious disappearance and on the anniversary of his current marriage, a man comes across a recent painting of his late wife.
Mannix A Penny for the Peepshow (TV-PG) Mannix meets a young man who explains that her uncle had recently visited her and left a briefcase behind; he never contacted her since.
Cannon Flashpoint (TV-PG) Cannon takes on a case involving a series of rapes and murders throughout the city, for which a young man is being framed; he finds hostility from townspeople.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby (TV-PG) An antique dealer in tremendous debt to his associates murders his wife because she will not let him use her insurance policy to pay off his liabilities.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Never Again (TV-PG) A woman addicted to alcohol is asked by her boyfriend to attend an important cocktail party where she ends up getting drunk and leaving with a different man.
Mannix A Sleep in the Deep (TV-PG) Mannix is hired to help a woman whose husband drowned while swimming toward the dock near the marina where they live; he was a champion swimmer.
Cannon The Man Who Couldn't Forget (TV-PG) A former S.S. officer has escaped from Allied custody as a war criminal since the end of World War II and a Dutch Nazi Hunter is on his trail.
The Outer Limits O.B.I.T. (TV-PG) A mysterious electronic device, called the Outer Band Individuated Teletracer, creates a picture from wave lengths, and reveals a secret about a scientist.
The Outer Limits The Human Factor (TV-PG) A doctor creates a machine that allows him to link with another person's thoughts, but in a freak accident, he finds his mind has switched bodies.
Lost in Space Princess of Space (TV-PG) The captain of a spaceship believes that Penny is the missing princess he was sent to find, and in order to stop a robot mutiny, Penny decides to play along.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Murray Ghosts for Ted (TV-G) Ted comes under pressure to write an article, leading him to pay Murray $200 to write it for him; Ted refuses to share credit when the story becomes a success.
Taxi Tony's Baby (TV-PG) Tony finds out that his girlfriend might be pregnant and he decides the right thing to do is to propose to her, and it happens on the eve of a big match.
The Fugitive Home is the Hunted (TV-PG) Kimble's father suffers a heart attack, and he returns to his hometown to seek solace from his family at the family home; Gerard makes an appearance in town.
The Untouchables Star Witness (TV-PG) Mobster Luigi Renaldo goes out of town, and his enforcer decides to bring in a couple of men from out of town, in order to teach their accountant a lesson.
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Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Gentleman from America (TV-PG) An American is dared by two Englishmen to stay a night in a haunted mansion where a woman was supposedly murdered, but the experience changes his life forever.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Babysitter (TV-PG) A babysitter suspected of murdering a woman tells her friend of her infatuation with the woman's husband, who later threatens to kill the girl.
Mannix Memory: Zero (TV-PG) When a private investigator is murdered, his former secretary is on her way to see Mannix; the taxi driver attempts to kill her, but she is able to escape.
Cannon The Sounds of Silence (TV-PG) A young woman's fiance goes missing just before their wedding, and his business partners are refusing to say anything about his location.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Belfry (TV-PG) A man loves a woman so much that he kills the man she is engaged to, then hides in the bell tower of a school, only to be discovered when the bells are rung.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Hidden Thing (TV-PG) A man tries to remember the license plate of the car that killed his fiance, and a man claims he can help, though not everything is as it seems with him.
Mannix The Nowhere Victim (TV-PG) A husband accidentally hits a man on a darkened street when he drives his wife home after their anniversary celebration; he doesn't want to go to the police.
Cannon The Prisoner (TV-PG) An ex-Army Captain wants a former P.O.W., who was once under the captain's command, eliminated; once released, the imprisoned veteran holds a secret.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Legacy (TV-PG) A prince known for being a playboy arrives at the same hotel as a married but neglected woman, who he seems to love, but a dead body complicates things.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Mink (TV-PG) A woman purchases a fur coat that she later finds out was stolen, though the person she bought it from denies any knowledge of the coat, only to be arrested.
Mannix The Sound of Darkness (TV-PG) While shadowing a client who has been attacked by a hired killer, Mannix is grazed by a bullet and suffers from a bout of psychosomatic blindness.
Cannon Daddy's Little Girl (TV-PG) Cannon is left with no choice but to shoot and kill a mafia hit man at a local restaurant; the crime syndicate's daughter wants revenge.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Decoy (TV-PG) A man madly in love with a married singer is accused of killing her husband after he is knocked unconscious and wakes up with a gun in his hand.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents The Creeper (TV-PG) A woman calls a locksmith to change her door locks after a series of attacks in her New York neighborhood, only to discover the startling truth.
Mannix Who Killed Me? (TV-PG) The owner of an aviation company departs on a flight to Mexico one day and his plane is reported lost on the coast of Baja California; he is presumed dead.
Cannon The Conspirators (TV-PG) Cannon makes his way to the state of Texas to investigate the murder of a young woman; while there, the four men responsible for her death frame a black man.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Momentum (TV-PG) After being continually nagged by his wife, a man confronts his boss about his cut in pay, and he takes extreme measures to get the money he is owed.
Alfred Hitchcock Presents Wet Saturday (TV-PG) When his daughter brutally kills her schoolmaster, a well-respected man devises an iniquitous scheme to frame his vulnerable companion for the murder.
Mannix Missing: Sun and Sky (TV-PG) A horse favored to win the Kentucky Derby, and possibly the Triple Crown, is kidnapped while its journey to Kentucky in anticipation for the race.
Cannon Coffin Corner (TV-PG) Cannon searches for a former football hero who is supposed to testify at a trial but is instead hiding out from two professional killers.
The Outer Limits Corpus Earthling (TV-PG) A geologist and his assistant examine some unusual rocks, but when his assistant leaves, the geologist discovers the rocks' secret.
The Outer Limits Nightmare (TV-PG) A group of astronauts are captured and made prisoners of war of the planet Ebon, where they are subjected to different methods of interrogation.
Lost in Space The Time Merchant (TV-PG) The Robinson family sets off on a rescue mission after Will is kidnapped by a mad time traveler, but Dr. Smith's selfishness puts the family's life in danger.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Not a Christmas Story (TV-G) As a snow storm passes through the city, Sue Ann finishes taping her Christmas special and invites the entire staff at the station to a feast.
Taxi Jim's Mario's (TV-PG) Jim decides to buy out his favorite local hangout and has big plans for the place but he constantly runs into one problem after another.
The Fugitive The Garden House (TV-PG) Working as a caretaker on a ranch owned by a newspaper heiress, Kimble learns of a murder plot and finds out the greedy conspirators plan on framing him.
The Untouchables The Night They Shot Santa Claus (TV-PG) The Untouchables spend Christmas Eve investigating the murder of a close friend of Eliot Ness's that had been playing Santa Claus for a children's orphanage.
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