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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea Terror (TV-PG) An alien is brought aboard in the guise of a red orchid when a shore party finds a dying botanist who warns that in eight hours the world will be taken over.
Get Smart Diamonds Are a Spy's Best Friend (TV-G) The diamond that Smart buys to use for 99's engagement ring turns out to be a priceless gem that KAOS will do anything to acquire.
Get Smart The Worst Best Man (TV-G) Smart selects Hymie as the best man for his wedding to 99 after all of his previous choices are murdered by KAOS.
Car 54, Where Are You? Hail to the Chief (TV-PG) The Secret Service hand picks Toody and Muldoon to drive the president to the United Nations since the two have such a long record of teamwork.
Car 54, Where Are You? One Sleepy People (TV-PG) Francis and Lucille watch a steamy movie on television, which causes a misunderstanding between the couple and makes them think one is attracted to a star.
The Saint The Rough Diamonds (TV-PG) The Saint accompanies a man to a diamond exchange at the airport, where thieves are posing as security agents after murdering the real agents.
Naked City The Rydecker Case (TV-PG) After arresting a rich woman for driving recklessly, Detective Flint finds that his reputation is being called into question by the woman's lawyer.
Route 66 Two on the House (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Cleveland, Ohio, to work on a tour boat when they become intrigued with a motherless son who they feel is in danger of being kidnapped.
« McCloud Man from Taos: Part One (TV-PG) Detective McCloud receives temporary punishment for his part in a random shootout, until his superior officer is kidnapped and he is forced to travel to France.
McCloud Man from Taos: Part Two (TV-PG) In Paris to rescue his superior officer, McCloud and a stewardess search for an arms smuggler connected to a mogul and gubernatorial candidate in the U.S.
Night Gallery The Ghost of Sorworth Place (TV-PG) An American tourist and drifter is drawn to a mansion in Scotland, where he discovers a widow who is being tormented by the specter of her dead husband.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Life Work of Juan Diaz (TV-PG) A woman takes her husband's mummified body from a graveyard worker and winds up using it to bring money into the household for her children.
« McCloud The Barefoot Stewardess Caper (TV-PG) McCloud is called in to investigate a group of international stewardesses, whom he quickly learns are part of a plot to steal priceless art pieces.
Night Gallery The Miracle at Camafeo (TV-PG) A man stages a recovery from paralysis at a Mexican shrine in order to swindle an insurance company.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour See the Monkey Dance (TV-PG) After a bizarre encounter on the train, a mysterious, limping stranger follows a man to his home and frightens him into plotting his wife's untimely death.
« McCloud Million Dollar Roundup (TV-PG) A dying criminal summons his formidable rivals and promises to bequeath the possession of a priceless historical artifact to the first person that can steal it.
Night Gallery Last Rites for a Dead Druid (TV-PG) A man begins to feel a strange influence after his wife purchases a statue that looks remarkably like him.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Lonely Place (TV-PG) A woman takes pity on a passing hobo, but his behavior becomes more and more threatening toward her, and her husband won't do anything about it.
« McCloud Butch Cassidy Rides Again (TV-PG) Detective McCloud partakes in the mock robbery of a local bank that is also being aired on closed-circuit TV, until outdated criminals take over the show.
Night Gallery The Waiting Room (TV-PG) A gunfighter finds his final reckoning awaiting him in a frontier saloon.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The McGregor Affair (TV-PG) Completely frustrated with his current situation, a man decides to get rid of his lazy, alcoholic wife by leaving her on a murderer's doorstep.
« McCloud Solid Gold Swingers (TV-PG) A burglary call leads Detective McCloud to discover a series of mysterious murders-by-strangling and investigate a madam standing trial.
Night Gallery Deliveries in the Rear (TV-PG) A surgery instructor is unconcerned about where his practice cadavers come from.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Misadventure (TV-PG) A strange man lures a cheating wife into concocting the perfect murder plan, but unbeknownst to her, he has something else planned.
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Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea A Time to Die (TV-G) Seaview is thrown a million years back in time, and Nelson meets a strange man with a time machine and a risky game he must win before time returns to normal.
Get Smart The Farkas Fracas (TV-G) 99 receives a poisoned dessert from her neighbor, who is actually a KAOS agent sent to steal a document from the Chief.
Get Smart Temporarily Out of CONTROL (TV-G) When Smart is called back to the Navy, he and the Chief find themselves in the brig while KAOS plots to take over CONTROL.
Car 54, Where Are You? A Man is Not an Ox (TV-PG) A medical doctor notices striking similarities between two oxen that worked together for more than 10 years as the occupants of Car 54.
Car 54, Where Are You? Schnauser's Last Ride (TV-PG) Muldoon recalls some personal troubles Schnauser had over a decade ago, which is presented by flashback; an incident causes the officer to give up horse riding.
The Saint The Saint Plays with Fire (TV-PG) While working undercover investigating the recently-revived British Nazi Party, a journalist friend of The Saint is murdered, and The Saint investigates
Naked City Memory of a Red Trolley Car (TV-PG) A chemistry professor, who has a life-long fascination with death, experiences recurring dreams of being run down by a trolley car.
Route 66 There I am, There I Always Am (TV-PG) Tod and Buz are enjoying the winter in California Buz's day quickly becomes frantic when he tries to help a woman free her foot from the shoreline rocks.
« Guilt by Association (TV-PG, NR, **+) A woman in sent to prison when her drug dealing boyfriend tells the authorities that she is his accomplice and she battles the system to prove her innocence.
Night Gallery I'll Never Leave You - Ever (TV-PG) A farmer's wife uses black art to help her ill husband's land bring forth a harvest.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Triumph (TV-PG) The wife of a bumbling medical missionary attempts to protect her family's future when a new missionary and his new wife move into the area.
« McMillan & Wife: Night Train to L.A. (TV-PG, NR, ***+) When a controversial anti-police author is slain in transit, McMillan is faced with a trainload of suspects - all of them cops.
Night Gallery There Aren't Any More MacBanes (TV-PG) A sorcery student uses an ancient spirit to get rid of a bothersome uncle, with unforeseen consequences.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Memo from Purgatory (TV-PG) An ambitious writer changes his identity and infiltrates a gang for information on his next book, but tensions soon come to a deadly head.
« McMillan & Wife: Love, Honor and Swindle (TV-PG, NR, ***+) As his sister's wedding day approaches, McMillan learns her future husband has ties to counterfeiters.
Night Gallery The Sins of the Fathers (TV-PG) At a dead man's funeral a young boy is forced to cleanse the man of his sins by feasting in the presence of the departed's corpse.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Consider Her Ways (TV-PG) After a doctor has consumed an experimental drug, he sees a vision of a future run by women, then tries to stop the vision from becoming a reality.
« McMillan & Wife: Deadly Inheritance (TV-PG, NR, **+) Mac is talked into investigating an attempted murderer by his mother who insists that he tried to murder one of her friends and now has his sights set on her.
Night Gallery You Can't Get Help Like That Anymore; Miss Lovecraft Sent Me (TV-PG) A sadistic couple with a taste for torturing their robot servants discovers that their newest robot maid is developing survival instincts.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Crimson Witness (TV-PG) A man's hatred towards his brother escalates into something more sinister and violent after the brother steals his job, wife and girlfriend.
« McMillan & Wife: Requiem for a Bride (TV-PG, NR, ***) When a killer targets McMillan, the innocent bride of a friend gets caught in the crossfire.
Night Gallery The Caterpillar (TV-PG) A man decides to get rid of a romantic rival by using an earwig.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Where the Woodbine Twineth (TV-PG) After a woman has started to take care of her young, orphaned niece, she winds up making a startling discovery about her niece's doll.
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