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Adam-12 Alcohol (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed are forced to arrest a happy drunkard who entertains them with his comical behavior, but they soon discover that he is only putting on a front.
Night Gallery Fright Night (TV-PG) A couple finds a trunk in their inherited house that will "be called for."
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Change of Address (TV-PG) A man rents a beach house despite his wife's objections, and then he makes the decision to kill her when she won't cooperate with his plans.
Thriller Girl with a Secret (TV-PG) A newlywed accidentally learns that her new husband is a secret agent and struggles to keep from compromising his mission as people ask questions.
Adam-12 Credit Risk (TV-PG) Reed decides to get a credit card, but after applying, he is turned down for having a poor credit rating, so he goes on a mission to discover why.
Night Gallery Finnegan's Flight (TV-PG) An inmate desperate for freedom agrees to his cellmate's experiments in mind over matter.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Water's Edge (TV-PG) After finishing his prison sentence, an ex-convict makes an attempt to locate the loot from the burglary his previous cellmate metioned to him.
Thriller The Prediction (TV-PG) A phony psychic with a nightclub act is suddenly gifted with the power to really see the future, but no one close to him takes his predictions seriously.
Get Smart All in the Mind (TV-G) Smart goes undercover as a mentally unstable military officer in order to prove that a KAOS psychiatrist is revealing confidential patient information.
Get Smart Dear Diary (TV-G) Smart takes the case when a retired CONTROL agent and his private diary full of important secrets go missing.
The Honeymooners The Babysitter (TV-G) Alice begins babysitting for extra cash when Ralph refuses to pay for the telephone she wants, but Ralph thinks she is running around on him behind his back.
The Honeymooners The $99,000 Answer (TV-G) Norton helps Ralph brush up on his musical knowledge when he gets a chance to be on a game show and chooses popular songs as his area of expertise.
Car 54, Where Are You? The White Elephant (TV-PG) A group of criminals move into town next door to the bank with the intentions of robbing it, but every attempt to break the adjacent wall down is interrupted.
Car 54, Where Are You? Benny the Bookie's Last Chance (TV-PG) Officers Toody and Muldoon help an ex-con who was recently released from prison get a job at a candy store business, but he gets mixed up in shady dealings.
Naked City An Economy of Death (TV-PG) After being separated from their granddaughter during a violent revolution, a Hungarian couple hires a man to locate her current whereabouts.
Peter Gunn Protection (TV-PG) Thugs threaten to blow up Mother's jazz nightclub unless she agrees to pay them protection money, so Gunn intervenes in order to save his favorite hangout.
Mr. Lucky The Parolee (TV-G)
Route 66 Once to Every Man (TV-PG) Tod and Buzz begin working at a shipyard in Massachusetts when Tod instantly falls in love with their new owner after her father accidentally drowned.
Adam-12 Pot Shot (TV-PG) On his day off, officer Malloy decides to take his dirty clothes to the laundry mat where he notices a young man acting extremely suspiciously.
Night Gallery She'll Be Company For You (TV-PG) A widower finds that his deceased wife's cat is keeping a watchful eye on him.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour See the Monkey Dance (TV-PG) After a bizarre encounter on the train, a mysterious, limping stranger follows a man to his home and frightens him into plotting his wife's untimely death.
Thriller The Big Blackout (TV-PG) As a sea captain who is a recovering alcoholic tries to help an unconscious drunk, he finds a note indicating that the man was sent to kill him.
Adam-12 G.T.A. (TV-PG) When multitudes of old automobiles start getting stolen, Malloy and Reed investigate and are led to a salvage yard notorious for catering to foreign customers.
Night Gallery The Ring with the Red Velvet Ropes (TV-PG) The new heavyweight champion finds that there is one more bout he must face before claiming his title.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Lonely Place (TV-PG) A woman takes pity on a passing hobo, but his behavior becomes more and more threatening toward her, and her husband won't do anything about it.
Thriller Knock 3-1-2 A gambler's wife refuses to pay his latest debt, and in desperation he tries to set her up as a serial killer's next victim so he can inherit her life savings.
Adam-12 Victim of the Crime (TV-PG) When the manager of a shoe store is badly wounded during a robbery, his dramatic daughter becomes outraged and puts all the blame on Malloy.
Night Gallery Something in the Woodwork (TV-PG) A lonely alcoholic woman asks a ghost in the attic to help her plan revenge against her ex-husband.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The McGregor Affair (TV-PG) Completely frustrated with his current situation, a man decides to get rid of his lazy, alcoholic wife by leaving her on a murderer's doorstep.
Thriller Man in the Middle (TV-PG) A man is spotted while overhearing two unsavory characters planning a murder, and after he gets away he struggles to decide whether to involve the police.
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Adam-12 Pressure Point (TV-PG) A rookie police officer causes problems for the Los Angeles Police Department when he refuses to warn Malloy and Reed about a dangerous ambush.
Night Gallery Death on a Barge (TV-PG) A dockside merchant falls in love with a wraith-like young woman despite his friends' warnings.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Misadventure (TV-PG) A strange man lures a cheating wife into concocting the perfect murder plan, but unbeknownst to her, he has something else planned.
Thriller The Cheaters (TV-PG) An alchemist makes a pair of glasses that lets their wearer see people as they really are, and a hundred years later a junk dealer finds them and resells them.
Adam-12 Lady's Night (TV-PG) Reed and his wife go on a double date with Malloy and his new girlfriend; Jim and his wife get caught in the middle of a holdup at a gas station.
Night Gallery Whisper (TV-PG) A young wife finds herself in thrall to strange and insistent voices while staying in a remote country house.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Triumph (TV-PG) The wife of a bumbling medical missionary attempts to protect her family's future when a new missionary and his new wife move into the area.
Thriller The Hungry Glass (TV-PG) In spite of warnings from the locals that a seaside home is haunted, a photographer and his wife buy the house, and they soon wish they hadn't.
Get Smart Stakeout on Blue Mist Mountain (TV-G) When it is learned that KAOS agents are trying to transport and assemble a bomb one piece at a time, it is up to Smart to stop them from setting it off.
Get Smart The Amazing Harry Hoo (TV-G) When the Claw returns with a new smuggling operation, it is up to Smart and 99, along with an observant police inspector, to bring down the crime ring.
The Honeymooners Ralph Kramden, Inc. (TV-G) To con Norton out of $20, Ralph convinces him to purchase a percentage of himself, but news Ralph might inherit a fortune causes Norton to demand his share.
The Honeymooners Young at Heart (TV-G) Their new teenage neighbors make Alice feel old and she insists they try energetic activities, but dancing and roller skating are a bit strenuous for Ralph.
Car 54, Where Are You? The Presidential Itch (TV-G) Officers Toody and Muldoon begin to oppose one another when taking part in a progressing competition running for President of the Brotherhood Club.
Car 54, Where Are You? Toody and Muldoon Meet the Russians (TV-G) Officers Toody and Muldoon are assigned to help guard a visiting Russian official who is under the impression that the police force characterizes American life.
Naked City C3H5(NO3)3 (TV-PG) After a bitter fight with his wife, a chemistry professor gets drunk and hastily fills an empty whiskey bottle with nitroglycerin, which he loses later.
Peter Gunn Crisscross (TV-PG) After a bank manager steals money from the bank that he works for, his partner-in-crime leaves him to behind to take full blame for the crime.
Mr. Lucky The Tax Man (TV-G)
Route 66 The Mud Nest (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Maryland where Buz finds a family that looks very similar to him and wonders if this could be his real family after being abandoned.
Adam-12 Log 35 -- Easy Bare Rider (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed pull over a man for drunk driving who turns out to be completely nude; the partners investigate a mysterious boy with big spending habits.
Night Gallery The Doll of Death (TV-PG) A spurned plantation owner uses the power of voodoo to avenge himself against a romantic rival.
Ironside A Bullet for Mark (TV-PG) Mark is shot by an unknown assassin whom the team believes was out to kill Chief Ironside but missed the mark, but the truth soon comes to light.
Route 66 A Bridge Across Five Days (TV-PG) Tod and Buz help a female out in Catonsville, Maryland, who recently got fired after 18 years of work at a hospital, to adjust to the world of unemployment.
Adam-12 Log 45 -- Bright Boy (TV-PG) A boy with photographic memory helps the officers locate a ring of burglars; Malloy and Reed receive a call about two men shooting at a box of dynamite.
Night Gallery Hatred Unto Death; How to Cure the Common Vampire (TV-PG) An anthropologist responds in kind to a gorilla's hatred; a story about vampire hunters.
Ironside Love My Enemy (TV-PG) Ironside takes a trip to France acting as security for a conference between American and Chinese diplomats, but someone is determined to stop the talks.
Route 66 Mon Petit Chou (TV-PG) Tod and Buz arrive in Pittsburgh to work on a tugboat when Tod rescues a girl who was water skiing through the shipping lanes and wants to learn more about her.
Adam-12 Log 55 -- Missing Child (TV-PG) Malloy and Reed attempt to save a cat and birds from an elderly woman; a young girl helps the police officers find a missing girl with a band-aid on her leg.
Night Gallery There Aren't Any More MacBanes (TV-PG) A sorcery student uses an ancient spirit to get rid of a bothersome uncle, with unforeseen consequences.
Ironside Seeing Is Believing (TV-PG) A lowlife bookie is beaten and Ed is accused of the crime; the team must discover who the killer is since Ed cannot provide an alibi.
Route 66 Some of the People, Some of the Time (TV-PG) Tod and Buz meet a beauty contest promoter in Pennsylvania and quickly agree to begin working for him in order to meet all of the contestants.
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