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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Annabelle (TV-PG) A man falls in love with a married woman, but she wants nothing to do with him; he murders her and her husband and keeps her in the bedroom of his house.
Mannix The Nowhere Victim (TV-PG) A husband accidentally hits a man on a darkened street when he drives his wife home after their anniversary celebration; he doesn't want to go to the police.
Ironside Poole's Paradise (TV-PG) Ed is kidnapped in small town by an escaped prisoner and Ironside encounters corrupt police during the search.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour House Guest (TV-PG) When a company prepares to tear down a forest, a man worries they may find the body of the man he killed, so he tries to get it moved.
Mannix The Sound of Darkness (TV-PG) While shadowing a client who has been attacked by a hired killer, Mannix is grazed by a bullet and suffers from a bout of psychosomatic blindness.
Ironside Eye of the Hurricane (TV-PG) Mark and the Chief are taken hostage by three convicts who lure them in with the promise of information in order to stage an escape plan from prison.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Black Curtain (TV-PG) A man suffering from amnesia discovers he is an accused killer being pursued by law enforcement in addition to a dangerous hit man.
Mannix Who Killed Me? (TV-PG) The owner of an aviation company departs on a flight to Mexico one day and his plane is reported lost on the coast of Baja California; he is presumed dead.
Ironside A Bullet for Mark (TV-PG) Mark is shot by an unknown assassin whom the team believes was out to kill Chief Ironside but missed the mark, but the truth soon comes to light.
Land of the Giants Deadly Pawn (TV-PG) The crew is captured and forced to play chess for their freedom against an obsessed giant; Barry plays for the crew, while the rest act as game pieces.
Lost in Space The Thief from Outer Space (TV-G) Penny, Dr. Smith and Will are kidnapped by a thief who mistakenly believes that they know the location of the lost princess he's in love with.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary's Aunt (TV-G) Mary is ecstatic to learn that her highly successful aunt has flown in for a visit, but her journalistic mentor immediately makes waves with a jealous Lou.
Taxi Jim Joins the Network (TV-PG) A network executive is so desperate to save his job that he asks Jim to use his psychic powers to schedule television shows that will draw huge ratings.
Get Smart The Mess of Adrian Listenger (TV-G) Smart, the Chief, and 99 are startled to discover a tombstone with Max's name on it while attending the funeral of a murdered CONTROL agent.
Sledge Hammer! Miss of the Spider Woman (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Desperate Sessions (TV-G) The Hartleys join up with Jerry and Carol, who are on their way to the bank, and accidentally become part of a hostage negotiation with the robber.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Like Mother, Like Daughter, Like Wow (TV-G) Mrs. Gillis finds out that the widowed mother of Dobie's date is Mr. Gillis' old high school girlfriend and she immediately becomes jealous.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Day of Reckoning (TV-PG) After a man has brutally murdered his wife, his conscience gets the best of him and leads to his confession, but no one will believe him.
Mannix Missing: Sun and Sky (TV-PG) A horse favored to win the Kentucky Derby, and possibly the Triple Crown, is kidnapped while its journey to Kentucky in anticipation for the race.
Ironside Love My Enemy (TV-PG) Ironside takes a trip to France acting as security for a conference between American and Chinese diplomats, but someone is determined to stop the talks.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Ride the Nightmare (TV-PG) A man worries that his life may be in for some serious danger after he discovers three of his childhood friends, who have been imprisoned, broke out.
Mannix Tooth of the Serpent (TV-PG) Peggy sees an old friend whose husband started on the police force at the same time as her husband; the friend is concerned about her son and his activities.
Ironside Seeing Is Believing (TV-PG) A lowlife bookie is beaten and Ed is accused of the crime; the team must discover who the killer is since Ed cannot provide an alibi.
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The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Hangover (TV-PG) An alcoholic advertising executive wakes up from a drunken stupor to discover that he has lost his job and his wife has been murdered.
Mannix Medal for a Hero (TV-PG) Mannix takes on the young son of a policeman as his client to clear the name of his father, whose name has some kind of crime connected to it.
Ironside The Machismo Bag (TV-PG) Mark discovers that a local college is the location of a group of freedom fighters with a roomful of weapons, and the Chief must decide how dangerous they are.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour Bonfire (TV-PG) Realizing the potential for a great opportunity, a preacher resorts to extreme measures in order to inherit an old woman's house for his own church sanctuary.
Mannix Walk with a Dead Man (TV-PG) As Mannix gets ready to meet with a client one night, he receives an unusual phone call suggesting that he stay home instead; when he leaves, shots are fired.
Ironside Programmed for Danger (TV-PG) Women fitting a similar profile are attacked by a dating agency connection; Eve goes undercover as a potential future victim to find the man responsible.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Tender Poisoner (TV-PG) A corporate executive takes it upon himself to help an associate with his home life by taking his mistress, but the arrangement takes a turn.
Mannix A Chance at the Roses (TV-PG) Mannix agrees to take a case involving a young man responsible for robbing the same pharmacy twice, which left an employee shot in one instance.
Ironside Five Miles High (TV-PG) Ironside is tasked with taking a witness on a flight from Hawaii to San Francisco, but soon discovers that one of the other passengers is a hired assassin.
Land of the Giants Chamber of Fear (TV-PG) Fitzhugh is captured by giant jewel thieves while helping Valerie escape; Steve and Dan offer to help one of the thieves in exchange for Fitzhugh's freedom.
Time Tunnel (TV-PG) Scientists working on a top-secret government time travel program are accidentally lost in their own experiment and find themselves bouncing through time.
Lost in Space The Curse of Cousin Smith (TV-G) Dr. Smith goes into hiding after his cousin arrives for a visit, leading the Robinsons to make a startling discovery about the Smith family.
The Mary Tyler Moore Show Mary's Delinquent (TV-G) Mary and Sue Ann both decide to join the Big Sister's Association; Mary attempts to care for a habitual shoplifter, while Sue Ann comes under bad influence.
Taxi Louie's Fling (TV-PG) Louie risks jeopardizing his relationship with Zena when he has a one night stand with her vulnerable and intoxicated best friend who made advances on him.
Get Smart How Green Was My Valet (TV-G) Smart and 99 go undercover as servants at an embassy in order to recover a secret rocket formula.
Sledge Hammer! State of Sledge (TV-PG)
The Bob Newhart Show Shrinking Violence (TV-G) Mr. Catlin starts taking out his anger on various people without any regard to the results until the group points out the error in his ways.
The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis Dobie Plays Cupid (TV-G) Home on a weekend pass from the Army, Dobie tries to help Maynard's confidence with girls by telling him his eyebrows and beard make him irresistible.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour The Thirty First of February (TV-PG) A newly widowed man's sanity is in complete jeopardy when strange things all of a sudden begin to happen to him after the passing of his wife.
Mannix Blind Mirror (TV-PG) Mannix is hired by a publishing executive to locate his secretary; the secretary may or may not have seen her boss up to vicious activity and went into hiding.
Ironside L'Chayim (TV-PG) A Torah is stolen from a Synagogue and Ironside takes on the case to find out if it was an act of vandalism or the work of thieves.
The Alfred Hitchcock Hour What Really Happened (TV-PG) A housekeeper murders her employer, but the blame for the crime falls on his innocent wife, leaving her with a difficult decision to make.
Mannix Harlequin's Gold (TV-PG) A bank hires Mannix to search for an Australian sailor whom inherited a large sum of money, so he goes undercover as a sailor looking for shipmates.
Ironside Beyond a Shadow (TV-PG) One of Ironside's friend is accused of murdering her husband, and he is determined to get to the bottom of the case no matter what he discovers.
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